The water filter system for your kitchen

With BWT filter technology, you turn your tap into a water filter!

Filter cartridge
BWT AQA drink Pure 2.0
Kitchen tap with C spout for filtered tap water - can be combined with any BWT AQA Drink filter cartridge
€339.00 €398.00
BWT bestcamp Mini
The filter cartridge for your recreational vehicle for clean drinking water even on the road
BWT P'URE Pink Reverse Osmosis Filter
Innovative water filtration technology for thorough cleaning of contaminants and bacteria in the water. Easy installation in your kitchen.
BWT Thero 90 Pro Reverse osmosis
The solution for particularly difficult cases

Consumables & Accessories

Expand your water filter system with practical additional equipment
BWT AQA Monitor
Electronic water meter for monitoring filter capacity and reminder to change filters

Filter cartridges for filter taps

The filter cartridges are suitable for BWT AQA drink systems

AQA drink
AQA drink M300
Water filter with 3,330 l filter capacity for cold application
AQA drink
AQA drink ZINC + MP200
Water filter with 600 l filter capacity for cold application
AQA drink
AQA drink ZINC + MP300
Water filter with 1,400 l filter capacity for cold application
AQA drink
AQA drink ZINC + MP400
Water filter with 2,100 l filter capacity for cold application
Filter cartridge
Reliable limescale protection and reduction of chlorine content and heavy metals in the water

Water filter for your tap

Best water straight from the tap

Do I need to filter my water?

We recommend it. Local tap water is not always of the quality it needs to be. Unwanted substances such as chlorine, copper, lead or nickel in the water or pipes can affect the smell and taste. Depending on the region, water can also be very hard - and the harder the water, the more calciferous it is. This often leads to kitchen appliances that calcify quickly, and their lifespan is noticeably reduced as a result. Filtering water helps - both in the case of heavy limescale contamination and in the case of odour- and taste-disturbing substances.

What are the benefits of a filter tap?

BWT filter tap not only gives you direct protection against annoying and unfavourable limescale deposits in your kitchen, it also enriches your tap water with valuable magnesium at the same time, which has an extremely positive effect on the taste of your hot and cold drinks and food.  Thanks to the integrated filter on the tap, you save yourself the additional purchase of a water filter jug and the corresponding cartridges. All you have to do is to use the rotary handle on your tap! 

How does a BWT filter tap work?

It's very simple: The BWT AQA drink water filter is installed directly under the sink and connected to the water pipe and the matching GROHE tap. There are two levers on this fitting - one for filtered and one for unfiltered tap water. A counter monitor, which is also hidden under the sink, is used to set the filter capacity in terms of water hardness and running time. This monitor also informs you via sound as soon as the filter capacity is exhausted. 

You can install the filter system yourself with the help of the enclosed instructions or commission your trusted plumber with the installation.

How often do I have to change the filter cartridge of my filter tap?

It depends. BWT filter cartridges for filter taps and water dispensers are available for your BWT AQA drink water filters - these range from 600 to 5,000 litres, of course always depending on the hardness of your tap water. You can read the current filter capacity on your counter monitor at any time. As soon as it is used up, an acoustic signal sounds. You can then change the filter cartridge yourself in a few easy steps.

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