The filter tank is an important part of the filtration cycle of your pool water. The water is pumped into the sand filter tank thanks to the pool pump and filtration start there The dirt particles sucked in are bound in the filter tank and the cleaned water is delivered back into your pool.

Sand filter tank from BWT

The filter media of the BWT sand filters is sand.
The sand filter P-FI is an ABS injection moulded sand filter which has been specially treated against the effects of UV light. A 6-way valve is integrated in the upper part of the filter, which has been provided with 3 inlets or outlets for gluing. These have a diameter of 50 mm.

The P-FI filter is equipped as standard with the following (not pre-assembled) connections:
  • 2 finned connections in 38 mm/50 mm for gluing
  • 2 finned connections 45 mm/50 mm for gluing
  • 1 translucent connection 38 mm/50 mm for gluing as a test glass on the drain line
  • 1 can of PVC glue

The filter bottom of the sand filter covers the entire filter surface, making installation easier for you. The filter cover can be completely removed for easy access to the filter media . As standard equipment, the filter has a UV-resistant, black base. According to standard NF P 90 316, the sand filter P-FI is designed for a maximum operating pressure of 1 bar. The filters are always supplied without filter media . For the sand filters, please use sand with a size of 0.6 - 1.25 mm.

We recommend to change the sand every 2 to 3 years.
Product features
Product number: 20070001
Connections Pre-assembled: No
Dimensions in mm (w x h x d): 430 x 430 x 430 mm
Filter media Included: No
Included connection variants: 2 ribbed connections in 38 mm/50 mm for gluing, 2 ribbed connections 45 mm/50 mm for gluing, 1 translucent connection 38 mm/50 mm for gluing as a test glass on the drain pipe, 1 can of PVC glue
Maximum operating pressure: 1 bar (according to NF P 90 319)
Piping type: rigid
Recommended sand grain size: 0.6 - 1.25 mm
Recommended sand quantity: 20 kg
Recommended swimming pool volume: Up to 24 m³
Weight: 7 kg

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