Open the pool season in a relaxed way
The practical spring set isperfect for the first filling of your pool in spring. It contains all the necessary care items recommended for water care before the start of the season. Possible cloudiness or dirt deposits that have developed over the winter are easily cleaned up. This way you can easily prepare your pool for the upcoming summer and look forward to wonderful pool moments in a relaxed way!

  • Disinfection
    The initial chlorination at the start of the season is enormously important. The organic-based chlorine tablets are suitable for any water hardness, they can also be used in hard water. They are quickly soluble and do not affect the pH value. After the initial filling, they can of course also be used for continuous chlorination or shock chlorination.

  • Regulating the pH
    In order to avoid cloudy, greenish pool water, the pH value should ideally be checked weekly. The easily soluble granulate ensures chemical purity and prevents additional corrosion. The pH-Minus granulate should be used from a pH value of 7.4 to reduce the value.

  • Algae prevention
    The algae agent "Algicid" from BWT offers high-quality water care and gives the growth of algae no chance. Thanks to its high concentration, you no longer need to be afraid of algae. 
    Per 10 m³, 50 to 80 ml of Algicid is required for the initial filling. For regular re-dosing (weekly), only 30 to 50 ml of Algicid are sufficient afterwards.
The pH value characterises the acidic or alkaline state of the water.
The algicide also only works perfectly when the pH value is optimal.
With either our digital BWT Pooltester 5in1 or the BWT ICO Station as a smart pool tester that sends you all the important water values, including dosing recommendations for pool chemicals, to your smartphone.
First, you should add BWT Water Care pH-Minus while the circulation is switched on (approximately the volume corresponding to the added pH-Plus) and check the pH value with our digital pool tester 5in1 or the BWT ICO Station as a smart pool tester until it is in the optimum range of 7.0 to 7.4.
As soon as the pH value moves downwards, the addition should be stopped and measured cyclically. Continuous circulation is very important to ensure even mixing of the pool water.
For sure, the pH value is far outside the ideal range. The problem is solved with the appropriate pH correction.
Yes. All AQA marin products with Algicid share or AQA marin Algicid are foam-free and suitable for counter-current systems.
The best way to measure the chlorine content is with the BWT AQA marin Pooltester 5 in 1 according to instructions
Yes, this product is important for the first filling to prevent algae growth.
Bad chlorine odours usually occur when there is too little free chlorine (less than 0.3 mg/l) in the water. This can be remedied by replenishing the fresh water and adding virtually soluble chlorine to a free chlorine level of 0.5mg/l.
The AQA marin Algicid can be used with all AQA marin Chlorine products.
With green water, always carry out shock chlorination. BWT AQA marin Algicid is a preventive product.

Special bundles for your pool

-15 %
Small "Summer Essentials" Set
The small all-round package for a relaxed bathing season
€78.50 €92.40
-15 %
Large "Summer Essentials" Set
The great all-round package for a relaxed bathing season
€148.90 €175.20
-15 %
Cleaning kit for salt water pools
Salt electrolysis set for easy cleaning and maintenance of your salt water pool up to 40 m³.
€172.90 €203.20
AQA marin pool tester 5-in-1
Test set for checking chlorine content, ph value, cyanuric acid, total alkalinity and calcium hardness

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