BWT hands over Bünger & Frese to new owners


As of today, the successful team of Bünger & Frese GmbH, Achim near Bremen (hereinafter B&F), under the experienced leadership of its sole Managing Director, Ms. Beatrix Flacke, is handed over to new owners who are also familiar with the industry.

The swimming pool technology specialist is taken over by Maytronics Ltd., based in Yizre’el (Israel) who acquired 100% of the shares of B&F from BWT Wassertechnik GmbH, based in Schriesheim (Germany). The seller is a 100% subsidiary of BWT Aktiengesellschaft in Mondsee/Austria, which is active with its group of companies in the areas of water treatment and pool technology worldwide.

The new owner and the management of B&F have known each other over many years and are well connected through intensive business activities. Maytronics supplies B&F with its pool robots under the brand name “Dolphin” within the product category of pool cleaning. B&F sells and provides services for these products on the German market. In addition, B&F is well known for its longstanding tradition and activity in the German pool business, also distinguished for its attractive product and service program and its leading position as a retailer of solid and innovative quality products in the area of swimming pool technology for the specialized trade with German pool builders. Furthermore, B&F offers under its brand “Rainbow” another complete range for the companies in the pool construction which are active in the price-conscious market segment.

BWT hands over a well-positioned company under the current and future management of Ms. Beatrix Flacke, who is responsible and standing for the sustainable development of the business with the new partner Maytronics.

Andreas Weißenbacher, CEO of BWT AG: “BWT would like to thank Ms. Flacke and her team for the more than pleasant and successful cooperation since their acquisition in 2017. I am convinced that Ms. Beatrix Flacke, as an experienced and reliable managing director with her dedicated and prudent management, will also provide valuable impulses and contributions for Maytronics. In addition to my thanks to her and her team, I would also like to remind us of the co-founder, Mr. Dieter Frese, who died unexpectedly in January this year. His life's work has herewith found a good place in knowledgeable and value-oriented hands at Maytronics as the new owner. His memory accompanied us in the trustful handover to Maytronics. BWT and I personally are proud to be a small but intensive part of the B&F success story!”

With the acquisition of the B&F business, the new owner intends to provide their German customers in the pool technology segment with their well-known product range, but - thanks to the good B&F expertise - also with products from other well-known brand manufacturers and thus actively respond to the changing dynamics in the industry.

Hereto, Mr. Eyal Tryber, CEO of Maytronics, comments: “We are happy to be able to further strengthen a strong partnership with Ms. Beatrix Flacke and B&F in Germany, one of our most important international markets, today. After founding our own company in France a few years ago, this is now the second important step for us to meet the changing requirements and conditions in the markets with a stronger local presence among our customers. We trust the B&F team and their loyal and solid customer base, which we wish to expand further. Together with Ms. Beatrix Flacke we are looking into a positive and promising future! "

Ms. Beatrix Flacke agrees: “I am grateful for the time in the BWT family and we are now looking forward to the new times with our longstanding business partner Maytronics. In our business area, good customer relationships, reliability, quality and innovation are especially important, and we offer all of that! Everyone for themselves, but now even better together for our customers.”

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