BWT and Chemours offi­cially launch THE Mobility F.C. Membranes Company GmbH – A BWT Chemours Company

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Meeting Demand in Mobility Applications Critical to Global, Sustainable Hydrogen Economy

FUMATECH (“Functional Membranes and Plant Technology”) a technological pioneer in electrochemical application fields such as water treatment and energy-related applications, and member of BWT Group since 1997, launched operations together with Chemours ( “The Chemours Company) of their joint venture, under the name of THE Mobility F.C. Membranes Company GmbH – A BWT Chemours Company.

THE Mobility F.C. Membranes Company will supply fuel cell and humidifier membranes globally, enabling downstream customers to accelerate conversion to green, hydrogen-powered heavy-duty transportation, driving green goals and sustainable policy frameworks in the E.U., the U.S. and around the world. With regulatory approvals in place, the joint venture can now officially begin producing fuel cells and humidifier membranes for the mobility market.

We are proud to partner with Chemours, a global chemistry company with leading market positions in Titanium Technologies, Thermal & Specialized Solutions, and Advanced Performance Materials. Not only are they the inventors of Nafion™ ion exchange membranes, dispersions, and resins, which are fundamental to the hydrogen economy. The company also maintains an ongoing commitment to responsible manufacturing, minimizing the environmental impacts of its operations and driving long-term sustainability goals.

Chemours' commitment aligns perfectly with FUMATECH's mission: to contribute to higher standards of life through the sustainable supply of water and energy, which is directly linked to hydrogen technologies, flow batteries and the recycling of critical raw materials. Together with Chemours, we have more than 85 years of experience in fuel cell innovation.

Located in Germany, THE Mobility F.C. Membranes Company – A BWT Chemours Company will cooperate with FUMATECH and its existing production technology and line operations to use Chemours´ Nafion™ ion exchange materials in the creation of industry-leading end-product membranes. The 50-50 joint venture focuses on integrating the unique capabilities, resources, and technological expertise of each company to elevate and accelerate the capacity to manufacture fuel cell and humidifier membranes for mobility applications for long-term customers. By leveraging the best of each partner's complementary assets, THE Mobility F.C. Membranes Company will expedite the supply of HDFC (heavy-duty fuel cell) membranes to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), helping to meet the demand for these membranes that are critical to fully scale the global hydrogen economy.

"With this joint venture, we of course have a grand vision of accelerating the availability of resources necessary to empower more people, industries, and businesses to fully embrace a cleaner future," explains Andreas Weissenbacher, CEO of BWT. “The key is that BWT, FUMATECH and Chemours back these visions with solid, thoughtful strategies that bring us to this J.V. today and establish the resources and processes necessary to secure the path for long-term success in line with the growth within the hydrogen space.”

"Our Nafion™ ion exchange membranes are playing a critical role in driving the hydrogen economy and helping to create a more sustainable future, " says Gerardo Familiar, president of Advanced Performance Materials at Chemours. "The technologies and solutions powered by our chemistry enable modern life and support economies across the world. Our joint venture with FUMATECH BWT GmbH and the BWT Group will enable solutions to support the future of clean energy and the transition to global decarbonization, and we couldn't be more excited to start our journey."

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