BWT Alpine – pink is back on track again!


The Formula 1 racetracks will shine in BWT pink again in 2023. Both in the design of the F1 bolides, as well as in their strategic actions, the two companies BWT and Alpine, again set a clear sign for sustainability with the color PINK.

At this year's Car Launch Event in London, the new BWT Alpine A523 Formula 1 race cars were presented in its blue and pink design. The elegant mix of Alpine blue and BWT logos, as well as the accents in BWT pink give the racing car its unique and distinc­tive char­acter according to the motto "Pink is more than a color - Pink is an atti­tude!" The first three races of this year's Formula 1 season 2023 will be driven by both drivers in the completely pink designed bolides.

"We are really looking forward to the new 2023 season, the new chal­lenges and also the successes we will cele­brate together as BWT Alpine. Also this year we will use this powerful F1 plat­form to make our brand BWT visible as well as to spread our sustain­able mission - providing people with locally treated and miner­al­ized water - to a world­wide audi­ence. We are looking forward to an exciting race year, and hope that even more people will support us in our sustain­able actions," says Lutz Hübner, CMO of BWT.

BWT - Europe's Nr. 1 in water treat­ment – is consis­tently working on a clear mission: to provide water of perfect drinking water quality every­where in the world. Thanks to inno­v­a­tive, patented BWT tech­nolo­gies, local water is filtered and miner­al­ized with magne­sium, zinc or sili­cate – making out of any locally avail­able water healthy, tasty, miner­al­ized drinking water in perfect quality directly out of the tap – every­where in the world. This saves the trans­port of single use plastic or glass bottles as well as asso­ci­ated CO2 emis­sions.

The Formula 1 BWT Alpine Team, on 4th place in the overall world Construc­tors’-Championship last year, as well as its two drivers Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly are fully committed to BWT's mission. Both compa­nies share the moti­va­tion to drive change, to fight for and achieve success and to spread and live the impor­tant message - 'Change the World - sip by sip'.

"Pink is a color that’s brought to us by BWT - our title partner. So the reason why our second car is pink is because with the pink they wanna be noticed in the fact that they’re helping to 'Change the World' and to reduce plastics. It’s all about filtering water its source so that we don’t go out and buy little bottles of plastic. Together we’ve eliminated plastic when we travel and I think we saved 40.000-50.000 bottles of plastic just our team. So it can be done and I wanna thank BWT for being our great partner," says Otmar Szafnauer, BWT Alpine Team Principal.

An exciting year is in front of us - with new team power, new achievements and the goal of taking BWT's sustainable mission out into the world - FOR YOU AND PLANET BLUE!