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Enjoy mineralised water from the filter jug

Combi-package "AQUAlizer Station" with additional glass carafe
For more performance and well-being: The AQUAlizer Station in combination with 1 ZINC + Magnesium and 1 Magnesium Mineralised Water filter cartridge each.
Filter technology
AQUAlizer incl. 2 filter cartridges
The modern one: Never forget to change the filter again thanks to Baselight LED display
Penguin incl. 2 filter cartridges
The practical one: Optimal ergonomic handling combined with the latest filter technologies
Vida incl. 1 filter cartridge
The compact one: Battery-free, minimalist design and reliable reminder for timely cartridge change.

Special bundles

-22 %
"AQUAlizer" trial package
Find your favourite: The most modern water filter jug with our set of 4 filter cartridges – equipped with different technologies.
€72.30 €92.70
-22 %
Top seller
Tischwasserfilter AQUAlizer mit Magnesium Filterkartuschen inkl. Glaskaraffe
Additional product
Annual package "AQUAlizer" + glass carafe
For more performance: The AQUAlizer, combined with 12 Magnesium Mineralized Water filter cartridges, ensures optimal performance and best taste for a whole year.
€99.90 €129.70
-22 %
Tischwasserfilter AQUAlizer Zinc Filterkartuschen inkl. Glaskaraffe
AQUAlizer+Glaskaraffe _EN_
Additional product
Annual package "AQUAlizer" + glass carafe
For a healthy immune system: The AQUAlizer combined with 12 ZINC + Magnesium Mineralised Water filter cartridges strengthens your defences throughout the year.
€125.90 €163.40
-22 %
Tischwasserfilter Aqualizer mit Filterkartuschen und Glaskaraffe
AQUAlizer+Glaskaraffe – 3_EN_
Additional product
Annual package "AQUAlizer" + glass carafe
For more balance: The AQUAlizer, combined with 12 Balanced Alkalized Water filter cartridges, ensures a balanced acid-base budget for a whole year.
€128.90 €167.20
-22 %
Tischwasserfilter AQUAlizer Silicate Filterkartuschen inkl. Glaskaraffe
AQUAlizer+Glaskaraffe – 2_EN_
Additional product
Annual package "AQUAlizer" + glass carafe
For long-lasting mental fitness: The AQUAlizer, combined with 12 Silicate + Magnesium Mineralized Water filter cartridges filters for a year. Silicon supports mental fitness into old age.
€138.90 €179.40

Suitable filter cartridges

Packaging unit
Magnesium Mineralized Water 3-pack
Benefits of magnesium: Supports the muscle and nervous system, strengthens bones and teeth. Reduces fatigue and makes you more resilient.
Top seller
Packaging unit
ZINC + Magnesium Mineralized Water 3-pack
Benefits of ZINC: Strengthens the immune system and defences. Promotes the growth of skin, hair and nails.
Packaging unit
Balanced Alkalized Water 2-pack
Advantages of alkaline water: Increases the pH value of the water and thus keeps the acid-base balance in equilibrium.
Packaging unit
Silicate + Magnesium Mineralized Water 3-pack
Benefits of silicon: Supports mental fitness and the removal of harmful substances such as aluminium in the body.

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Water filtration for the best water experience

Why is it recommended to filter my water?

Depending on the region where you live, regular tap water can contain too much limescale, chlorine, heavy metals or other substances which may disturbe the taste. Hence, a water filter jug is the quickest and easiest solution for you to filter these substances from your drinking water. At the same time it allows you to protect your kitchen appliances, such as coffee machine or tea maker, from annoying limescale.

How do BWT water filter jugs work?

Filtering your drinking water is pretty simple: Just insert one of our filter cartridges into the jug, fill it with water and let it run through. There are different technologies availabe on the market: You can either use filters that act as pure limescale protection or the ones that provide a special boost for your health as they are enriched with magnesium, zinc or silicate. No matter which technology you choose, the cartridge should be changed every four weeks. There is no chance of forgetting it: All BWT jugs come with an indicator that remind you to change your filter on time. 

Are there different types of filter jugs?

Yes! BWT offers a wide range of jugs with different filter capacities - depending on the number of people that live on your household and your personal requirements. Some models are available in several attractive colours as well. All jugs made by BWT are dishwasher-safe and fit any standard fridge door. They are furthermore made of plastic without plasticisers or glass.

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