Filter cartridges for water dispenser

AQA drink Simply Care IC50
Water filter for drinking water optimisation | 6,000 l
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BWT AQA drink Filtered Water Care TC200
Water filter for drinking water optimisation | 8,000 l
AQA drink
BWT AQA drink MPC400
Water filter for drinking water optimisation + magnesium | 1,600l
AQA drink
BWT AQA drink MPC500
Water filter for drinking water optimisation + magnesium | 2,250l


Floor standing AQA drink 60
The AQA drink 60 shines with its high-quality and robust stainless steel housing. It is suitable for all areas with high water consumption - from schools to events with up to 100 people. There are 2 models available, each with 3 water options. Depending on your preference, you can choose between still, chilled and sparkling water. The capacity is 60 l/h for chilled/ sparkling water. The BWT magnesium technology and the integrated UVC lamp ensure extra hygiene.

Filter cartridge reduces microplastics
The Magnesium Mineralized Water Protect Care filter reduces odour and taste-disturbing substances such as chlorine and heavy metals such as copper, lead and nickel. The patented BWT magnesium technology enriches the water with magnesium. The integrated ultrafiltration membrane retains 99.9999 % of bacteria and reduces microplastics down to 0.001 mm for hygienic safety.

Bottom cabinet
In the stand-alone version, the bottom cabinet of the AQA drink 60 offers space for the filter and the CO2 bottle. In addition, there is also an approx. 5 l waste water tank in the base cabinet.

Technical details

Product number: 826017
Cold water: Yes
Hot water: No
Mains voltage/frequency: 220 - 240/50 V/Hz
Number of users: up to 100
Sparkling water: Yes
Still water: Yes
Tap height: 32,5
Unit dimensions: 32 x 47 x 51 cm
Water delivery cooled/sparkling: 60 l/h
Water delivery still: > 120 l/h
Water temperature cooled: 5 - 12 °C


The best-before date (BBD) is printed on each insert and can be read there.
No. The BWT EasyCare adapter is used again and again. Only the BWT EasyCare Tab is disposed of.
Appliances designed for use with BWT EasyCare are marked with a sticker that says BWT EasyCare. This indicates that the appliance can be cleaned and disinfected with the BWT EasyCare system.
No. BWT EasyCare was developed for use in water dispenser solutions. Furthermore, these devices must be approved for the use of BWT EasyCare. This is currently possible for the following devices: AQA drink Pro 20 and AQUA drink Pro 60, as well as AQA drink 30, 40, 60 and beWell and Blanco drink.filter EVOL-S Pro drinking water system.
No. The BWT EasyCare system is simple and safe to use. This makes it possible for every user of the device to carry out the cleaning.
To ensure optimal operation and the best possible water quality, correct, regular and professional cleaning and disinfection is required. This prevents contamination and inhibits bacterial growth in the device.
With BWT EasyCare, cleaning is simple and safe.
The BWT EasyCare was developed for cleaning and disinfecting water dispenser systems with carbonator. To use BWT EasyCare for cleaning a device, it must be "programmed". At present, it can only be used with approved systems from BWT. These are: AQA drink Pro 20 and AQUA drink Pro 60 as well as AQA drink 30, 40, 60 and beWell and Blanco drink.filter EVOL-S Pro drinking water system.
Yes. The film must be removed, it is not water soluble. The film only serves as hygiene protection.
The BWT EasyCare adapter fits all BWT filter heads. All other filter heads are only suitable if the respective device is approved for the use of BWT EasyCare.
The BWT EasyCare adapter holds the BWT EasyCare Tab in which the cleaning agent is installed. The cleaning system is screwed into the BWT filter head via the adapter.
The BWT EasyCare Tab must be ordered separately to the BWT EasyCare Adapter.

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