Filter cartridges for filter taps

AQA drink M300
Water filter with 3,330 l filter capacity for cold application
AQA drink M400
Water filter with 5,000 l filter capacity for cold application
Available again soon
AQA drink ZINC + MP200
Water filter with 600 l filter capacity for cold application
AQA drink ZINC + MP300
Water filter with 1,400 l filter capacity for cold application
AQA drink ZINC + MP400
Water filter with 2,100 l filter capacity for cold application
Water filter for drinking water optimisation
Filter cartridge
MyAQUA Mineralizer
Improves taste, reduces chlorine content and heavy metals in the water
Whether planning a new kitchen or upgrading an existing one, the AQA drink Pure LOFT complete system can be integrated into almost any kitchen. The set includes all components to enjoy filtered BWT water mineralised with magnesium directly from the kitchen tap. The BWT AQA drink MP200 filter cartridge is installed horizontally or vertically directly under the sink and connected to the water pipe at the tap.

With two levers on the GROHE tap, the water can be selected individually - either filtered, mineralised drinking water (left rotary handle) or unfiltered, hot or cold tap water (right lever). Due to the separate water supply, the filter capacity can be used optimally.

Filter cartridge for more magnesium - more taste.
The AQA drink filter cartridge is based on BWT magnesium technology, which converts your tap water into magnesium mineralised drinking water. In the process, odour and taste-disturbing substances (chlorine), heavy metals (copper, lead, nickel) and limescale are filtered out of the water and, in addition, magnesium is released into the water. Magnesium is a flavour carrier that perfectly enhances the aromas of drinks, such as coffee and tea, and food. With one filter you can save about 600 disposable plastic bottles and thus make an important contribution.

Filter change indicator
The BWT AQA Monitor is mounted directly below the sink and displays the filter capacity in relation to the water hardness and the running time. The filter change indicator is connected to the filter via a flow sensor. As soon as the filter capacity is exhausted, an acoustic signal sounds. The filter cartridge can then be replaced in a few easy steps.
  • Signal 1 x: Filter capacity will soon be exhausted.
  • Signal 2 x: Filter is exhausted and must be replaced.

One tap - two water options.
The high-quality mixer from GROHE offers two separate water supply systems. You decide whether you want filtered drinking water enriched with magnesium or unfiltered tap water, for example for washing up.
  • Left twist handle: filtered, mineralised drinking water.
  • Right lever: unfiltered hot or cold tap water
Product features
Product number: 125252398
Assembly: Single-hole mounting
Filter capacity at 12° dH: 600 l
Height: 328 mm
Height (with filter head): 385 mm
Material: Metal
Operation: Swivel spout, single-lever mixer and additional lever
Outlet type: Kitchen faucet with a 90 degreed swiveling L-spout and pull-out rinsing spray
Power connection: No
The AQA drink Pure sets are connected directly to your water pipe. So you can enjoy filtered water mineralised with magnesium whenever you want, fresh from your kitchen tap. No tedious bottle lugging, no problem of storing in the fridge or pantry. You save money and protect the environment.
The AQA drink Pure set is equipped with the Magnesium Mineralized Water Protect filter. The filter is equipped with a powerful ion exchanger and activated carbon filter. This reduces taste and odour disturbing substances, e.g. chlorine, and heavy metals. In addition, the filter reliably removes limescale and thus protects your appliances. The patented BWT Magnesium technology enriches the water with the valuable mineral magnesium and thus optimally enhances the taste of pure water as well as tea and coffee.
The service life of the AQA drink filter cartridge depends on the quality and hardness of your tap water and also on your individual water consumption. The AQA Monitor included in the scope of delivery shows the capacity of the AQA drink filter cartridge and also the moment when the filter needs to be replaced.
The scope of delivery of the AQA drink Pure sets also includes an AQA monitor, which is used to monitor the filter capacity and signals when the filter needs to be changed. It counts the amount of water filtered through the filter.
The AQA monitor consists of:
  • the flow sensor: monitors the filter capacity
  • the counter unit (display): Programming and display of the filter capacity
Yes. Replacing an AQA drink filter cartridge is simple and quick.
  • Take the new AQA drink filter cartridge out of the packaging and remove the hygiene cap.
  • Write the date of installation and the replacement date on the type plate before installation.
  • Turn the old AQA drink filter cartridge clockwise out of the filter head.
  • Turn the new AQA drink filter cartridge anti-clockwise into the filter head.
  • The water line does not have to be turned off when replacing it, as an aquastop is integrated in the filter head, which prevents water from escaping unintentionally when the shut-off valve is open. However, we recommend turning off the water pipe
When using the filter system with an AQA drink Pure fitting, there may be a slight overflow when the AQA drink filter cartridge is started up. This will disappear as soon as the filter cartridge is completely deaerated, at the latest after a few days.
The filter can also be rinsed upside down for optimal deaeration. To do this, simply turn the filter cartridge upside down when water flows through it and then return it to its original position.
The AQA drink Pure Set CANNOT be used with a non-pressurised under-sink storage heater (instantaneous water heater).
If, on the other hand, you have a pressurised storage heater or a thermally or hydraulically controlled instantaneous water heater installed under the sink, an AQA drink Pure Set can be used.
The AQA drink MPC400/500 filter cartridges are designed for use in water dispensers and have a higher filter volume.
It is technically possible to use the filters with an AQA drink filter fitting, but due to the high filter volume and the possibility of residual air in the filter, the tap may run on. The "rest pressure" in the filter pushes some water until the pressure is released. This leads to overflow.

The modern kitchen tap in the AQA drink Pure sets is equipped with two separate water guides. Using the two levers, you can decide whether you want to tap filtered, mineralised drinking water or "normal" cold or hot tap water.
Left lever: filtered, mineralised drinking water
Right lever: unfiltered tap water

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