The particularly robust vacuum pool cleaner is suitable for all pools. There are castors on the underside so that the vacuum cleaner can be easily moved across the pool floor. The vacuum cleaner is 38 cm wide and has a 32/38 mm hose connection. The telescopic rod can be conveniently unlocked with the integrated push mechanism.


Basically yes, but the BWT AQA marin telescopic rod is made of particularly high-quality fibreglass.
It is connected to the hose nozzle with a 32/38 mm Ø suction hose. The other end of the hose is connected to the floor cleaner connection plate of the skimmer or to a suction nozzle.
The BWT AQA marin vacuum cleaner is made of a very high-quality plastic and therefore has a long service life. Due to its weight and design, it does not float easily.

Additional pool accessories

AQA marin bottom landing net
Robust bottom landing net for easy collection of dirt particles on the pool bottom
AQA marin cleaning brush
Effortless cleaning even with coarse soiling and deposits
AQA marin leaf landing net
Easy cleaning of the water surface thanks to the robust leaf net
AQA marin vacuum cleaner
Reliable bottom cleaning for pools of all shapes and sizes
LED lighting
BWT LED underwater spotlight Ecoproof
Remote-controlled LED bulb as decorative lighting for your pool - coloured or white LEDs available

Pool vacuum cleaner

Pool vacuum cleaner model
Additional product
BWT Pool Vacuum Cleaner BC02
Powerful pool vacuum cleaner for efficient cleaning of children's pools or whirlpools
Available again soon
Top seller
BWT BC30 pool vacuum cleaner in red and white for cleaning pools
BWT pool vacuum cleaner in white red design
Pool vacuum cleaner model
Additional product
BWT Pool Vacuum Cleaner BC30
Efficient dirt removal in hard-to-reach areas thanks to strong suction power
Pool vacuum cleaner model
Additional product
BWT Pool Vacuum Cleaner BC40
Long battery life, modern LED display and generous dirt container for efficient pool cleaning
Pool vacuum cleaner model
Additional product
BWT Pool Vacuum Cleaner BC50
Generous pool vacuum cleaner with long battery runtime for best cleaning results

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