Easy pool maintenance for large pools.
The BWT pool vacuum cleaner BC50 is particularly suitable for easy floor cleaning of above-ground pools and pools of up to 25 m³. Thanks to its strong suction power and the removable swivel head and bristles on the suction head, sand, gravel and other dirt can be removed effectively.

Cleaning the pool without cables.
The powerful lithium-ion battery guarantees you, when fully charged, up to 40 minutes of operation without loss of suction power. With the large dirt collection chamber of the BWT pool vacuum cleaner BC50, with a capacity of 0.65 litres, the pool vacuum cleaner can collect a large amount of dirt. The transparent cover allows you to check the fill level of the collection container at any time and the Quick Water Release Valve makes emptying the vacuum cleaner child's play. Thus, pool cleaning can be done easily and quickly.
For particularly hygienic and clean pool water, the BWT pool vacuum cleaner BC50 is supplied with two different filter inserts (125 and 150 µm) and an additional corner brush. In addition, the pool vacuum cleaner can be equipped with a pool telescopic rod (not included in the scope of delivery).
Product features
Product number: 125300418
Battery: 2000 mAH lithium ion battery 11.1 V (replaceable)
Battery charging time: 5 - 6 h
Battery life: 40 minutes (at full charge)
Cleans pools up to: 25 m³
Dirt collector capacity: 0,65 l
Maximum operating depth: 3 m
Type of cleaning: Manual
Weight: 1,9 kg
All BWT pool vacuums (BC02, BC30, BC50) can be used up to a water depth of 3 metres (9.8 ft) without any problems.
All pool vacuum cleaners (BC02, BC30, BC50) have rollers on the contact surface of the suction unit, which prevent damage to the pool liner or surfaces in general.
No, the pool vacuum series (BC02, BC30, BC50) runs completely hose-free and is 100% battery-operated, which eliminates the need to lay out cables or hoses.
Yes, the lithium-ion batteries of the pool vacuum cleaner series (BC02, BC30, BC50) can easily be replaced by yourself. To do this, please follow the steps described in the operating instructions for your respective product. The operating instructions also contain information on which battery pack must be retrofitted.

Complementary pool water care

AQA marin dosing float
Robust dosing float is suitable for chlorine tablets up to 800 gr - Dosing quantity individually adjustable
AQA marin pool tester 5-in-1
Test set for checking chlorine content, ph value, cyanuric acid, total alkalinity and calcium hardness
Benamin AKR
Alkaline cleaning concentrate for stubborn dirt in pool water
Benamin Ultraclear - Packs
Benamin Ultra Clear
Self-dosing pool water care for disinfected and clear pool water - for medium-sized pools
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4 in 1 Komplettpflege für Poolwasser
4 in 1 Komplettpflege für Poolwasser
Packaging unit
Benamin Ultra Clear Max
Self-dosing pool water care for disinfected and clear pool water - for large pools
Container size
BWT Algicid
Foam-free concentrate for the prevention of algae, highly concentrated, odourless and tasteless.
BWT Benamin Ultra Clear Mini
Self-dosing pool water care for disinfected and clear pool water - for small (whirlpool) pools.
Container size
BWT chlorine granulate super pearled
High-quality, fast-dissolving chlorine granulate in pearlised form on an organic basis
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BWT Chlorine Multi Tab 200 gr
Slowly soluble combination product with organic-based chlorine
BWT Chlorine Multi Tab 20 gr
Slowly soluble combination product with organic-based chlorine
Container size
BWT Chlorine tablets 20 gr organic
Fast-dissolving organic-based chlorine tablets á 20 g against impurities in the pool water
Container size
BWT Chlorine tablets 200 gr organic
Slow dissolving chlorine tablet á 200 g for medium and large pools
BWT disposable filter for skimmer
Filter net for collecting coarse dirt and protecting the skimmer and filter pump
BWT Floating Pads
Absorbent pads absorb grease deposits from sunscreens and oils from the water surface
Flocculant liquid
Removes fine suspended particles, phosphates and copper, providing high protection from algae
BWT Multi-Fast tablets 200 gr
Combination product with multiple action, soluble chlorine content with flocculation effect
Top seller
Pearl Water Manager_main_1_1500x1500
Pearl Water Manager
BWT Pearl Water Manager
Automatic pool water analysis with individual dosing and cleaning recommendation
Calibration kit for Pearl Water Manager sensors
For regular calibration of the sensors of your Pearl Water Manager every 4 to 6 months.
BWT permanent flocculant cartridges
Flocculant for permanent removal and prevention of turbidity
BWT pH-Minus Acid Granulate
Quick-dissolving, hydrochloric acid-free acid granulate for lowering the pH value of pool water.
Container size
BWT pH-Plus Granulate
Quick-dissolving alkali granulate for increasing the pH value of pool water
Packaging unit
BWT Pool Salt
Austrian pure salt for cleaning and disinfecting your salt pool
Pool Shocker Oxygen Granules
Soluble granules split off active oxygen and thus disinfect your pool water
BWT Rim Clean Gel
For removing limescale and grease deposits from the pool edge

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