Wireless pool robot with active brush
The powerful lithium-ion battery guarantees you up to 90 minutes of operation without loss of suction power when fully charged. With the large dirt collection chamber of the BWT Akku-Poolroboters BC200 Plus, with a capacity of 4 litres, the robot can collect a large amount of dirt. Thanks to the patented Stop & Go system, the small pool robot travels along your pool floor without interruption and turns automatically on contact with the pool wall. The compact and lightweight design allows effortless transport in and out of the pool. 

Easy pool maintenance for large pools
The BWT Pool Robot BC200 Plus is particularly suitable for easy floor cleaning of above ground pools and pools up to 25 m². Thanks to its adjustable front wheel, optimal pool cleaning is guaranteed.

In addition, an LED battery indicator indicates when the pool robot can only be used for another 10 minutes. In addition, the BWT Pool Robot BC200 Plus is supplied with a storage bag.
Product features
Product number: 125503676
Battery: 2000 mAH lithium ion battery 3.7 V (replaceable), Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (400 mAh / 7.4 V)
Battery charging time: 5 - 6 h
Battery life: 90 minutes (on a full charge)
Battery operated: Yes
Cleaning depth: 3 m
Cleans pools up to: 45 m²
Dirt collector capacity: 4 l
Flow rate: 71 l/min
LED lighting: LED lighting pink
Maximum operating depth: 3 m
Type of cleaning: Floor
Weight: 3,82 kg
Our pool vacuums can easily pick up leaves or smaller stones as well as the finest dirt particles (up to 125 µM).
This may have the following background:
  • The filter basket of your pool robot seems to be full, therefore the pool robot moves slowly.
  • The top cover is not properly engaged or attached. This causes the robot to receive counterflow from the inside.
  • The attachable dirt trap brush reduces the speed.

No this pool robot is only designed for floor cleaning, other pool robots have wall cleaning functions.
The charging time to fully charge the 4000mAh battery is between 5-6 hours.

The pool robot comes with a hook that can be mounted on any commercially available telescopic pole. The pool robot is pulled to the edge of the pool via a catch buoy with the hook and pulled out of pool.
Should your pool robot move in a circle or only travel over a very small area, you should loosen the top cover according to the operating instructions and loosen the position of the front wheel locking pin.
The BWT pool vacuum cleaner should be stored completely clean and dry, and preferably at a constant temperature (battery capacity is reduced by large temperature fluctuations). Temperatures between 15-25 degrees Celsius are ideal.

If you do not use your pool vacuum cleaner for a longer period of time, you should charge it again and again to prevent a deep discharge of the battery (6 months without use corresponds to approx. 2-4 times intermediate charging of the BWT pool vacuum cleaner depending on the storage temperature).

The BWT pool vacuum cleaner can also be cleaned with a soapy water solution for coarse soiling. Afterwards, the device should be rinsed properly to avoid soap entering the pool (Attention: Foam formation in the pool!).
The BC200 is suitable for pools with a maximum size of 25m².

The collection container holds a maximum capacity of 0.65 litres (650ml).
No, the pool vacuum series (BC02, BC30, BC50) runs completely hose-free and is 100% battery-operated, which eliminates the need to lay out cables or hoses.
Yes, the lithium-ion batteries of the pool vacuum cleaner series (BC02, BC30, BC50) can easily be replaced by yourself. To do this, please follow the steps described in the operating instructions for your respective product. The operating instructions also contain information on which battery pack must be retrofitted.
A warranty of 2 years is granted on all pool vacuum cleaners.
The pool robot has a directional fin that is set in a different direction on contact with the wall and thus the pool robot turns away from the wall. In addition, you can use a locking pin on the front wheel of the robot to refine or optimise the routing for your pool size.
The suction time depends, among other things, on the battery status, whether the battery has been charged according to the information in the operating instructions and on the storage temperature of the pool vacuum cleaner.

Complementary pool water care

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