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This stylish glass bottle will enhance any table, whether at home, in meeting rooms or in the office. The large opening makes it easy and convenient to fill and pour. The shape of the bottle is pleasant and comfortable to touch. In addition, the glass bottle is mouth-blown. The included AQA tags in white (sparkling) and pink (still) can be easily clipped to the cap and indicate whether there is sparkling or still water in the glass bottle. From now on, guesswork and shaking are a thing of the past.

Technical details

Product number: 825331
Capacity: 375 ml
Diameter: 69 mm
Material: Mouth blown glass
Weight: 208 g

Care instructions

Wir empfehlen die Reinigung per Hand. Dabei empfiehlt sich die Verwendung einer Flaschenbürste aus Schaumstoff oder Naturborsten. Der Flaschenkörper kann im handelsüblichen Haushalts-Geschirrspüler gereinigt werden. Hier empfiehlt es sich, die Flasche auf den Kopf zu stellen und sie mittig im Geschirrspüler zu platzieren. Dort erreichen die Wasserdüsen das Innere der Wasserflasche am besten. Die Verschlussdeckel ist nicht spülmaschinenfest. 


All BWT carafes made of glass can be put in the dishwasher for cleaning. However, the lid is not dishwasher safe and should be cleaned regularly by hand with warm water and a little detergent.
In general, we recommend washing the carafe by hand to maintain the longevity of the product.
No, the BWT glass bottle is not suitable for heating drinks in the microwave.
If you clean the BWT glass carafe by hand, we recommend using a bottle brush made of foam or natural bristles. This can be used to remove coarser dirt and rinse with clear water. A bottle brush can also be used to reach the bottom of the bottle.
When cleaning in the dishwasher, it is recommended to turn the carafe upside down and place it in the middle of the dishwasher. There, the water jets reach the inside of the water carafe best.
Yes, the BWT glass bottle can be placed in the cooling compartment of a standard refrigerator to cool the drinks. It should not be placed in the freezer.
We do not recommend filling the glass bottle with hot liquids because of the risk of glass breakage due to material stress. In general, filling glass with hot liquids should only be done with extreme caution. Please also note the risk of burns.

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