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Filter technology
Packaging unit
BWT Silicate + Magnesium Mineralized Water 3-pack
Benefits of silicon: Supports mental fitness and the removal of harmful substances such as aluminium in the body.
Filter technology
Packaging unit
BWT ZINC + Magnesium Mineralized Water 3-pack
Benefits of ZINC: Strengthens the immune system and defences. Promotes the growth of skin, hair and nails.
Filter technology
Packaging unit
BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water 3-pack
Benefits of magnesium: Supports the muscle and nervous system, strengthens bones and teeth. Reduces fatigue and makes you more resilient.
Filter technology
Packaging unit
Soft Filtered Water EXTRA 3-pack
Reliably protects household appliances from limescale deposits. Particularly suitable for water with a high degree of hardness above 15° dH.


The BWT AQUAlizer table water filter brings state-of-the-art aesthetics and technology into your home. Thanks to the patented BWT filter technology, the elegant, puristically designed table water filter transforms your local tap water into tasty water mineralised with high-quality minerals. In addition, you will find a filter cartridge of each of our favourites: Magnesium Mineralised Water, Magnesium Mineralised Water + Zinc and Balanced Alkalised Water.
Ideal for testing and trying out!

PS: The technical highlight, the electronic change indicator "Baselight", reminds you in good time to change the filter.
Easy handling
The operation is simple and straightforward: Simply insert the BWT filter cartridge of your choice into the table water filter, fill water directly from the tap and wait about five minutes. Then the entire content should be filtered and ready for use.
Special feature of the AQUAlizer:The electronic change indicator "Baselight" reminds you to change the filter cartridge by a coloured light in the bottom of the table water filter:
Pink = full filter performance.
Blue= cartridge must be replaced

Technical details

Product number: SET010103
Capacity: 2,6 l
Colour: White
Filter change indicator: LED display "Baselight"
Filtered water capacity: 1,4 l


The name BWT stands for quality from Austria. That is why all our filter cartridges are produced in Mondsee. There, you will find a state-of-the-art production facility that is subject to continuous quality controls. The filter systems are produced in Italy and meet the highest standards in terms of materials and workmanship.
The technical highlight of the new BWT AQUAlizer is the electronic "Baselight" change indicator. It flashes to indicate the right time to change the filter.
No, neither the table water filter nor the filter cartridges are made of plastics that release plasticisers such as BPA into the water. This is strictly monitored through migration tests by independent institutes.
The table water filter is made of SAN and ABS. PP and PPS are used to manufacture the filter cartridges.
No, the BWT filter cartridge is not designed to filter fluoride from the water or to reduce the amount of fluoride.
For the Baselight you need a DL/CR 2450.
The service life of the filter cartridge varies depending on the place of use, as the water is not the same everywhere. The capacity of the filter cartridge depends on the hardness of the water. The harder the water, the sooner the filter cartridge is exhausted.
Filter capacities:

Soft Filtered Water
120 L at KH* = 12 - 14 °d
Soft Filtered Water EXTRA 120 L at KH* = 15 - 18 °d
Magnesium Mineralized Water>
Magnesium Mineralized Water + Zinc
120 L at TH* = 15 - 18 °d
Balanced Alkalized Water120 L
*KH = Carbonate Hardness, TH = Total Hardness
The substances indicated, e.g. lead and copper, which are reduced by the filter, are not present in all drinking water. The filter cartridges meet the microbiological requirements for water filters according to DIN 10521. The requirements according to DIN 10521 for chlorine, lead and copper retention are also met.
If stored properly, original BWT filter cartridges can be stored for several years. Proper storage means:
  • At temperatures between 1°C and 40°C.
  • The filter cartridges should always be stored in the original packaging foil until the filter cartridge change.
  • The filter cartridges should be stored in a cool, dry place and protected from sunlight.
Our filter granulate consists of a carefully balanced mixture of activated carbon and ion exchangers. Thanks to its large surface structure, the activated carbon binds taste-impairing substances such as chlorine and chlorine compounds. The ion exchangers absorb lime-forming substances and heavy metals such as lead and copper and thus remove them from the filtered water.
In addition, the BWT filter granulate is equipped with the patented magnesium technology, which releases magnesium ions into the filtered water in exchange for calcium ions. This lowers the pH value less than with conventional table water filters. Better taste of the water and the food and drinks prepared with it are the result.
Our production facilities in Austria and Germany are aligned with the strict ISO guidelines and the hygiene regulations of the HACCP concept and are checked several times by independent auditors. The food quality of the products is monitored by the independent TÜV Rheinland/LGA. In order to meet the highest hygiene requirements, our filter cartridges are sterilised and a small amount of silver is added (in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organisation WHO). In this way, we create a consistently high level of quality. This is the only way to ensure that the handling of the sensitive product drinking water always meets the highest hygiene standards.


Standard glass carafe
High-quality, mouth-blown glass carafe 1.1 l with silicone rim and beautifully shaped lid with 360° spout
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BWT Climate Bottle World Water Day Pink with personalisation
Customisable: personalise your bottle with names or nice greetings
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BWT Diamond Climate Bottle mit Personalisierung
Individuell gestaltbar: Personalisieren Sie Ihre Flasche mit Namen oder netten Grußworten
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NEUE BWT Climate Bottle Pink Vorderseite
BWT Climate Bottle pink back including engraved personalisation
BWT Climate Bottle - Edition Pink with Personalisation
Customisable: Personalise your bottle with names or nice greetings
Top seller
BWT Climate Bottle World Water Day Blue with personalisation
Customisable: personalise your bottle with names or nice greetings
BWT Sport Bottle BIO 750 ml
Sports water bottle made of biodegradable polyethylene
BWT Kids Bottle Refill pink
Leakproof, shatterproof and BPA free. The ergonomic 375 ml bottle for your children.
BWT Kids Bottle Refill blue
Leakproof, shatterproof and BPA free. The ergonomic 375 ml bottle for your children.

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