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The best of both worlds - package consisting of water filter Jug Aarke Purifier and BWT Climate Bottle "Think Global Drink Local" - Pink

Aarke Purifier
The Aarke Purifier is a patented water filter jug made of glass and stainless steel. It has a refillable stainless steel filter cartridge and comes with a bag of Aarke Pure filter granulate. The granules are manufactured by BWT in Austria to the highest quality standards. They feature the patented BWT filter technology.
A detachable silicone bumper is included. It protects the Purifier’s glass carafe from bumps and scratches.
BWT Climate Bottle
The BWT Climate Bottles send a strong signal against single-use plastic bottles and for our common mission "Change The World - Sip by Sip". The Bottle with screw cap not only ensures sustainable drinking pleasure on the go, it’s also super convenient as it fits into any cup holder or backpack. The bottle has a capacity of 0.5 l and is made of double-walled stainless steel – therefore cold drinks stay refreshingly cool and hot drinks are kept warm for up to 6 hours.
 Furthermore, it is unbreakable, food-safe and neutral in taste.


Aarke is a Swedish design company founded in 2013 by two experienced industrial designers and friends – Jonas Groth and Carl Ljungh. From their studio and workshop in Stockholm, they design premium home essentials. Their first product, the Aarke Carbonator, took the world by storm and can be found on countertops in more than 30 countries today.
In collaboration with BWT, Aarke has now developed a water filter jug, the Aarke Purifier. It stands out with its Aarke-typical, simple design language.

Technical details

Product number: SET1600001
Abmessungen (H X W): 27,5 cm x 17,1 cm
Capacity: 2,36 l
Filter change indicator: Manual display
Filtered water capacity: 1,18 l
Weight: 1,1 kg

Suitable filter granules

Filter technology
Aarke Pure Refill 3 Pack
Pure Filter Granules for Aarke Purifier
Filter technology
Aarke Enriched Refill 3 Pack
Enriched Filtergranulat für den Aarke Purifier

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