Pool water care

AQA marin dosing float
Robust dosing float is suitable for chlorine tablets up to 800 gr - Dosing quantity individually adjustable
AQA marin pool tester 5-in-1
Test set for checking chlorine content, ph value, cyanuric acid, total alkalinity and calcium hardness
Benamin AKR
Alkaline cleaning concentrate for stubborn dirt in pool water
Benamin Ultraclear - Packs
Benamin Ultra Clear
Self-dosing pool water care for disinfected and clear pool water - for medium-sized pools
Top seller
4 in 1 complete care for pool water
4 in 1 complete care for pool water
Packaging unit
Benamin Ultra Clear Max
Self-dosing pool water care for disinfected and clear pool water - for large pools
Container size
BWT Algicid
Foam-free concentrate for the prevention of algae, highly concentrated, odourless and tasteless.
BWT Benamin Ultra Clear Mini
Self-dosing pool water care for disinfected and clear pool water - for small (whirlpool) pools.
Container size
BWT chlorine granulate super pearled
High-quality, fast-dissolving chlorine granulate in pearlised form on an organic basis
Container size
BWT Chlorine Multi Tab 200 gr
Slowly soluble combination product with organic-based chlorine
BWT Chlorine Multi Tab 20 gr
Slowly soluble combination product with organic-based chlorine
Container size
BWT Chlorine tablets 20 gr organic
Fast-dissolving organic-based chlorine tablets á 20 g against impurities in the pool water
Container size
BWT Chlorine tablets 200 gr organic
Slow dissolving chlorine tablet á 200 g for medium and large pools
Flocculant liquid
Removes fine suspended particles, phosphates and copper, providing high protection from algae
BWT Multi-Fast tablets 200 gr
Combination product with multiple action, soluble chlorine content with flocculation effect
Top seller
BWT Pearl Water Manager floating buoy for measuring water values incl. app control
BWT Pearl Water Manager chlorine and bromine smarthphone control
Pearl Water Manager
BWT Pearl Water Manager
Automatic pool water analysis with individual dosing and cleaning recommendation
BWT permanent flocculant cartridges
Flocculant for permanent removal and prevention of turbidity
BWT pH-Minus Acid Granulate
Quick-dissolving, hydrochloric acid-free acid granulate for lowering the pH value of pool water.
Container size
BWT pH-Plus Granulate
Quick-dissolving alkali granulate for increasing the pH value of pool water
Packaging unit
BWT Pool Salt
Austrian pure salt for cleaning and disinfecting your salt pool
Pool Shocker Oxygen Granules
Soluble granules split off active oxygen and thus disinfect your pool water
Container size
BWT winter protection
Ideal for use in winter: Prevents limescale and crust formation and inhibits algae growth
Refill Pool Tester
Refill tablets for pool tester, 100 pcs.
The filter cartridge of the "Pistoche" children's pool should be replaced every 2 to 3 years.
The daily filter runtime depends on the degree of soiling and the water temperature. 

During the bathing season, the following minimum filtration run timesare recommended:
  • At  20 C° water temperature: at least 5 h per day
  • At 25 C° water temperature: At least 8 h per day
  • At 30 C° water temperature: At least 12 h per day

The following water care products, are compatible with this replacement cartridge:
  • BWT pH-Minus/Plus 
  • BWT Chlorine tablet 20 gr organic 3 kg 
  • BWT Ultra Clear MINI 20 gr a 1 kg 
  • BWT Multi Tab 200  gr (usable in the BWT dosing float in the smallest setting) 
  • BWT Algicid 
  • BWT Aqa Marin chlorine granulate 
  • BWT Aqa Marin Wintercare 

Please note thatno flocculantsshould be used.
Product features
Product number: 27931650
Compatibility: Compatible with Pistol - Set-up pool for children (item number: 27160209)
Dimensions in mm (w x h x d): 32 x 11 x 11 cm

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Pool vacuum cleaners

Additional product
BWT Pool Vacuum Cleaner BC02
Powerful pool vacuum cleaner for efficient cleaning of children's pools or whirlpools
Top seller
BWT BC30 pool vacuum cleaner in red and white for cleaning pools
BWT pool vacuum cleaner in white red design
Additional product
BWT Pool Vacuum Cleaner BC30
Efficient dirt removal in hard-to-reach areas thanks to strong suction power
Additional product
BWT Pool Vacuum Cleaner BC40
Long battery life, modern LED display and generous dirt container for efficient pool cleaning
Additional product
BWT Pool Vacuum Cleaner BC50
Generous pool vacuum cleaner with long battery runtime for best cleaning results

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