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You can easily change the filter cartridge by unscrewing the base of the anti-limescale filter system by hand, pulling out the old filter cartridge and inserting the new cartridge. Then screw the base of the anti-limescale filter system back on and the BWT Quick & Clean is ready for use again!

Technical details

Product number: 812915
Ambient temperature min./max.: 4 - 40 °C
Connection thread: 1/2"
Inlet water pressure: 2 bar
Water temperature, max.: 50 °C
Working pressure: 2 - 8 bar


You can usually get replacement filter cartridges from the same place where you bought the BWT Quick & Clean anti-limescale filter system. On the Internet, the replacement filter cartridges can be purchased from the BWT online shop as well as from various online retailers. Contact us by e-mail [email protected].
If stored properly, original BWT filter cartridges can be stored for several years. Proper storage means:
  • At temperatures between 1 °C and 40 °C.
  • The filter cartridges should always be stored in the original packaging foil until the filter cartridge change.
The filter cartridges should be stored in a cool, dry place and protected from sunlight.
No. Exhausted filter cartridges can be disposed of with household waste without hesitation.
As soon as the first limescale residues become visible on the rinsed surfaces after drying, the filter cartridge must be replaced.
No tools are required to change the filter cartridge. After unscrewing the bottom of the housing (by hand), the exhausted filter cartridge can be removed and the replacement filter cartridge inserted. The exact instructions can be found under point 8.2 in the operating instructions.

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