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The human body needs about 10 mg of zinc and 300 mg of magnesium every day. In special situations, such as stress or physical activity, the requirement can also be significantly higher. Since our body cannot produce the trace element zinc and the mineral magnesium itself, it must be supplied daily through food and fluid. Often, the desired amounts are taken through food supplements. The unique BWT technology 

BWT water⁺zinc + magnesium offers a smart and efficient alternative to food supplements in the form of powders, tablets and capsules water⁺ zinc + magnesium is the solution for a healthy lifestyle. With 2.5 litres*, you support your body in a simple and effective way and cover up to 15 % of the daily requirement of zinc and up to 20 % of the daily requirement of magnesium. Quite simply without any effort, without swallowing tablets - just by drinking water. 

Zinc and magnesium are the perfect combination of trace element and mineral. Zinc makes an essential contribution to strengthening the immune system and defences. As a cell-protecting antioxidant, it protects against infections and allergies. It has an antiviral effect and improves the structure of the mucous membrane so that viruses cannot penetrate or attach themselves so easily. The anti-inflammatory property helps heal wounds. An adequate supply of zinc supports growth and development in childhood and adolescence. In addition, zinc is a beauty elixir, it promotes the growth of skin, hair and nails. 

Technical details

Product number: SET020001
Cartridge change interval: 4 weeks
Chlorine reduction: > 99 %
Filter capacity: 120 l @ 15-18 °d KH
Heavy metal reduction: > 95 %
Lead time: 5 min
Limescale protection: Yes
Magnesium release: 25-30 mg/l
Reduction of organic substances: Yes
Zinc release: 3 mg/l
pH value filtered water: 6,3-7,0


The pH value characterises the acidic or alkaline state of the water.
To achieve an optimal filter effect, you should replace the filter cartridge every four weeks at the latest.

If, however, the Easy-Control (model A) shows 100 fillings on the display before the four weeks have elapsed, the filter cartridge must be replaced before the four weeks have elapsed. This is indicated by a flashing filter cartridge on the display.
  • It is best to store the filtered water in your refrigerator.
  • Our models fit ideally into most refrigerator doors on the market.
  • The filtered water should not be stored for more than 24 hours.
If the water should remain in the jug for longer than 24 hours, pour the water away and filter fresh water.
Magnesium is an essential mineral for humans that cannot be produced by the body itself. The daily requirement is about 300 mg (according to the German Nutrition Society), but can be even higher in special situations, such as stress. Magnesium not only supports our physical and mental performance and supplies our muscles, it is also an important flavour carrier. With BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water, you can support your personal magnesium balance.
As the daily requirement of zinc for babies and toddlers is minimal, our recommendation is to use this water for children from the age of 4.
The human body needs approx. 300 mg of magnesium and approx. 10 mg of zinc per day, and even significantly more in the case of physical overload and stress.
Drinking 2.5 litres of ZINC + Magnesium Mineralised Water can cover 15 per cent of the daily requirement of zinc and 20 per cent of the daily requirement of magnesium (at 17°d total water hardness).
The mineral magnesium and the trace element zinc are indispensable for our health. These two substances are significantly involved in cell metabolism and are needed by numerous enzymes. Zinc supports the body's immune system and strengthens the body's defences In addition, zinc is important for the following situations:
  • improves performance
  • supports in stressful situations
  • supports during the growth period
  • Zinc is important for growth as well as for the skin, hair and nails
In the BWT table water filter system, the drinking water is filtered in four stages:
Stage 1: Particles are filtered out of the water.
Stage 2: Depending on which filter cartridge technology you have chosen, the water is treated accordingly:
  • Soft Filtered Water Extra: Limescale and heavy metal content are increasingly reduced.
  • Magnesium Mineralised Water: Limescale and heavy metal content are reduced, calcium ions are replaced by magnesium ions.
  • Magnesium Mineralized Water + ZINC: Calcium and heavy metal content are reduced, calcium ions are replaced by magnesium ions and zinc is added to the water.
  • Balanced Alkalized Water: The heavy metal content is reduced and the pH value of the water is increased to >8.5.
Stage 3: Odour- and taste-disturbing substances such as chlorine and certain organic impurities are filtered out of the water.
Stage 4: Fine filtration is carried out.
Always observe local recycling regulations!
Filter cartridges and filter filling: Dispose of exhausted filter cartridges and filter fillings in household waste.
Packaging material: Dispose of plastic film and cardboard packaging - if locally possible - in the waste separation system. This will help to protect the environment.
Water filter system: If locally possible, dispose of the water filter system in the waste separation system. This will help to protect the environment.
The "Easy-Control" change indicator is an electronic component that must be disposed of in accordance with local regulations and legal requirements. The change indicator can be removed from the cover with the aid of a screwdriver placed on the edge of the "Easy-Control". The "Easy-Control" should only be removed from the cover during disposal.
By using the BWT filter cartridge, an overdose of zinc is not possible.
A significant advantage of ZINC + Magnesium Mineralised Water is that it gently distributes the supply of magnesium and zinc throughout the day. The BWT technology is not comparable with high-dose tablets, which can lead to a selective excess.
The service life of the filter cartridge varies depending on the place of use, as the water is not the same everywhere. The capacity of the filter cartridge depends on the hardness of the water. The harder the water, the sooner the filter cartridge is exhausted.
Filter capacities:

Soft Filtered Water
120 L at KH* = 12 - 14 °d
Soft Filtered Water EXTRA 120 L at KH* = 15 - 18 °d
Magnesium Mineralized Water>
Magnesium Mineralized Water + Zinc
120 L at TH* = 15 - 18 °d
Balanced Alkalized Water120 L
*KH = Carbonate Hardness, TH = Total Hardness
The substances indicated, e.g. lead and copper, which are reduced by the filter, are not present in all drinking water. The filter cartridges meet the microbiological requirements for water filters according to DIN 10521. The requirements according to DIN 10521 for chlorine, lead and copper retention are also met.
Magnesium takes on the function of a flavour carrier in drinking water. Tea and coffee prepared with water from a BWT table water filter can develop their full aroma and therefore taste even better. In addition, the coffee has a perfect crema.
Compared to a high-dose tablet, which leads to a high dosage of zinc at certain points, our ZINC + Magnesium Mineralised Water ensures a gentle release of zinc throughout the day.

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