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Benamin Ultraclear - Packs
BWT Benamin Ultra Clear
Self-dosing pool water care for disinfected and clear pool water - for medium-sized pools
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4 in 1 complete care for pool water
4 in 1 complete care for pool water
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Benamin Ultra Clear Max
Self-dosing pool water care for disinfected and clear pool water - for large pools
Container size
BWT Algicid
Foam-free concentrate for the prevention of algae, highly concentrated, odourless and tasteless.
BWT AQA marin dosing float
Robust dosing float is suitable for chlorine tablets up to 800 gr - Dosing quantity individually adjustable
BWT AQA marin pool tester 5-in-1
Test set for checking chlorine content, ph value, cyanuric acid, total alkalinity and calcium hardness
BWT Benamin AKR
Alkaline cleaning concentrate for stubborn dirt in pool water
BWT Benamin Ultra Clear Mini
Self-dosing pool water care for disinfected and clear pool water - for small (whirlpool) pools.
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BWT chlorine granulate super pearled
High-quality, fast-dissolving chlorine granulate in pearlised form on an organic basis
Container size
BWT Chlorine Multi Tab 200 gr
Slowly soluble combination product with organic-based chlorine
BWT Chlorine Multi Tab 20 gr
Slowly soluble combination product with organic-based chlorine
Container size
BWT Chlorine tablets 20 gr organic
Fast-dissolving organic-based chlorine tablets á 20 g against impurities in the pool water
Container size
BWT Chlorine tablets 200 gr organic
Slow dissolving chlorine tablet á 200 g for medium and large pools
Flocculant liquid
Removes fine suspended particles, phosphates and copper, providing high protection from algae
BWT Multi-Fast tablets 200 gr
Combination product with multiple action, soluble chlorine content with flocculation effect
BWT permanent flocculant cartridges
Flocculant for permanent removal and prevention of turbidity
BWT pH-Minus Acid Granulate
Quick-dissolving, hydrochloric acid-free acid granulate for lowering the pH value of pool water.
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BWT pH-Plus Granulate
Quick-dissolving alkali granulate for increasing the pH value of pool water
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BWT Pool Salt
Austrian pure salt for cleaning and disinfecting your salt pool
Available again soon
Pool Shocker Oxygen Granules
Soluble granules split off active oxygen and thus disinfect your pool water
BWT Refill Pool Tester
Refill tablets for pool tester, 100 pcs.
BWT Replacement cartridge for children's pool "Pistol
Replacement filter to replace a used filter cartridge
Container size
BWT winter protection
Ideal for use in winter: Prevents limescale and crust formation and inhibits algae growth


The innovative swimming pool care BWT Benamin Ultra Clear Mini is ideal for all whirlpool and above ground pool owners who want to enjoy carefree hours in the water. For 3 m³ of pool water, one tablet of BENAMIN® Ultra Clear Mini lasts about a week. The super formula of BWT BENAMIN® Ultra Clear Mini guarantees crystal-clear whirlpool & pool water with extremely reduced chlorine use and significantly less chlorine odour. The ideal water care for pools/whirlpools up to 15 m³.

*The duration of effect depends on the bathing volume and the pump running times.
Hazard warnings

Use biocidal products carefully.
Always read the label and product information before use.

Attention! Observe danger and warning notes! Keep out of reach of children!

H302 Harmful if swallowed
H319 Causes severe eye irritation
H335 May irritate the respiratory tract
H410 Very toxic to aquatic organisms with long lasting effects
EUH031 In contact with acid, emits toxic gases
According to EC directives GefStoffV
test (2)
Gefahrensymbol Umwelt

Technical details

Product number: 096901
Active chlorine content: 94,5 %
Algal prevention (starch): Yes (++)
Chlorine stabilisation: Yes
Container size: 1 kg
Depot effect: Up to 10 days
Dosage: 1 tablet per 3-5 m³
Filtermaterial: All
Flocculation (strength): No
Poolsize in m³: 0 - 10
Pool type: Above ground pool, Pistoche, Whirlpool
Pool water condition: Pool algae
Skimmer: Yes
Solubility: Slow
Tablet size: 20 g tablet
Treatment method: Multifunction disinfection
pH-Neutral: Yes


Yes, the BWT Benamin Ultra Clear can be used with all filter types.
In the pH range from 7.0 to 7.4, BENAMIN Ultra Clear unfolds its greatest effect, especially in the algicide range.
Yes, you should check your pool water at regular intervals (at least once a week) even when using a multifunctional product such as the BENAMIN Ultra Clear MINI. Our digital pool tester 5 in 1 or the BWT ICO Station as a smart pool tester can support you in this.
Yes, due to its special composition, the BWT Benamin Ultra Clear MINI still develops its full disinfection performance even at very high water temperatures (over 30 degrees Celsius).
The algicide content in BENAMIN Ultra Clear MINI prevents algae growth in your pool. This prevents unsightly green deposits in the form of green algae in your pool and pool water. All BWT Algicides are foam-free and therefore also suitable for counter-current systems. In the event of very heavy algae infestation of the pool with greenish water and deposits, shock chlorination should be carried out (with ongoing circulation) and then BWT Algicid used as a preventative measure.

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