Pool water care

AQA marin dosing float
Robust dosing float is suitable for chlorine tablets up to 800 gr - Dosing quantity individually adjustable
AQA marin pool tester 5-in-1
Test set for checking chlorine content, ph value, cyanuric acid, total alkalinity and calcium hardness
Benamin Ultraclear - Packs
Benamin Ultra Clear
Self-dosing pool water care for disinfected and clear pool water - for medium-sized pools
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4 in 1 Komplettpflege für Poolwasser
4 in 1 Komplettpflege für Poolwasser
Packaging unit
Benamin Ultra Clear Max
Self-dosing pool water care for disinfected and clear pool water - for large pools
Container size
BWT Algicid
Foam-free concentrate for the prevention of algae, highly concentrated, odourless and tasteless.
BWT Benamin Ultra Clear Mini
Self-dosing pool water care for disinfected and clear pool water - for small (whirlpool) pools.
Container size
BWT chlorine granulate super pearled
High-quality, fast-dissolving chlorine granulate in pearlised form on an organic basis
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BWT Chlorine Multi Tab 200 gr
Slowly soluble combination product with organic-based chlorine
BWT Chlorine Multi Tab 20 gr
Slowly soluble combination product with organic-based chlorine
Container size
BWT Chlorine tablets 20 gr organic
Fast-dissolving organic-based chlorine tablets á 20 g against impurities in the pool water
Container size
BWT Chlorine tablets 200 gr organic
Slow dissolving chlorine tablet á 200 g for medium and large pools
Flocculant liquid
Removes fine suspended particles, phosphates and copper, providing high protection from algae
BWT Multi-Fast tablets 200 gr
Combination product with multiple action, soluble chlorine content with flocculation effect
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BWT Pearl Water Manager Schwimmboje zur Messung der Wasserwerte inkl. App-Steuerung
BWT Pearl Water Manager chlorine und bromine smarthphone control
Pearl Water Manager
BWT Pearl Water Manager
Automatic pool water analysis with individual dosing and cleaning recommendation
BWT permanent flocculant cartridges
Flocculant for permanent removal and prevention of turbidity
BWT pH-Minus Acid Granulate
Quick-dissolving, hydrochloric acid-free acid granulate for lowering the pH value of pool water.
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BWT pH-Plus Granulate
Quick-dissolving alkali granulate for increasing the pH value of pool water
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BWT Pool Salt
Austrian pure salt for cleaning and disinfecting your salt pool
Pool Shocker Oxygen Granules
Soluble granules split off active oxygen and thus disinfect your pool water
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BWT winter protection
Ideal for use in winter: Prevents limescale and crust formation and inhibits algae growth
Refill Pool Tester
Refill tablets for pool tester, 100 pcs.
Replacement cartridge for children's pool "Pistol
Replacement filter to replace a used filter cartridge
Alkaline special cleaning concentrate. Removes stubborn dirt such as oil, grease and skin care product residues from all surfaces. Ideal for pool cleaning and ongoing hygiene cleaning in the entire swimming pool, wellness and sanitary area. Reduces rust formation on metal parts. Biologically degradable.
Product features
Product number: 355432
Container size: 1 l
Filtermaterial: x
Poolsize in m³: 35 - 60
Pool type: Above ground pool large, Pool
Skimmer: x
Treatment method: Cleaning / Winterizing
When used in swimming pools with a counter-current or massage system, the absolutely foam-free Algicid should be used. In fact, the problem occurs when third-party products are used - for cleaning, for example. Household and universal cleaners in particular contain foaming substances that enter the pool water quite automatically.
The filter pump should be able to circulate the entire pool contents twice a day. Our pool experts will be happy to help you here with expert advice.
To dose water care products correctly, it is important to know the exact amount of water (m³) in the pool. This can be calculated as follows:
  • Rectangular pool: length (m) x width (m) x average water depth (m) = pool capacity (m³)
  • Round pool: Diameter (m) x diameter (m) x average water depth (m) x 0.78 = pool capacity (m³)
  • Oval pool: Max. Length (m) x Width (m) x Average water depth (m) x 0.89 = Pool capacity (m³)
  • Octagonal or freeform pools: Max. Length (m) x max. width (m) x average water depth (m) x 0.85 = pool capacity (m³)
The flocculant was added too quickly or the reaction time (switch off the filter system for approx. 15 minutes) was not observed. Therefore, the flocculation only took place in the swimming pool. Remedy: Switch off the filter system, allow the flocs to settle and vacuum carefully.
Milky-cloudy water indicates lime precipitation due to a pH value that is too high (even if only once). Coloured turbidity is caused by organic impurities. A shock disinfection with chlorine or active oxygen after pH correction followed by flocculation makes the water clear again. For prevention, we recommend flocculation cartridges.
This is algae growth in an advanced stage. First, the parts of the pond with less flow (corners) are attacked. The colouring corresponds to the respective type of algae (e.g. green algae). The only thing that helps here is a shock disinfection with chlorine or active oxygen after the pH value has been adjusted.
Bad chlorine odours usually occur when there is too little free chlorine (less than 0.3 mg/l) in the water. This can be remedied by replenishing the fresh water and adding virtually soluble chlorine to a free chlorine level of 0.5mg/l.
With green water, always carry out shock chlorination. BWT AQA marin Algicid is a preventive product.