Optimum cleaning results
The cleaning set is ideally suited for your salt water pool. The combined care in the application areasDisinfection, algae prevention and pH regulationachieves perfect cleaning performance and guarantees you clear pool water.

The set is suitable both for the initial filling and for regular re-chlorination.


In addition to BWT pool salt, you also need pool chemicals to adjust the pH value. Here we recommend BWT pH-Minus and BWT pH-Plus Granulate.
Generally, the dosage recommendations of the salt electrolysis manufacturer in the operating instructions should be followed as a matter of priority. On average, around 25-40kg of BWT pool salt is required for 10m³ of water, but this can vary depending on the salt electrolysis manufacturer. (25-40kg BWT pool salt for 10m³ corresponds to 2.4-4gr/litre).
The BWT pool salt has no expiry date when stored in cool and dry conditions and can be stored indefinitely.
When operating a salt water pool, it is important to ensure that all built-in parts can withstand the salt water, especially the metal built-in parts. Otherwise, it can lead to unsightly rust formation.

Special bundles for your pool

Set variant
Small "Summer Essentials" Set
The small all-round package for a relaxed bathing season
€78.50 €92.40
Set variant
Large "Summer Essentials" Set
The great all-round package for a relaxed bathing season
Available again soon
Set variant
BWT Pool Spring-Set small
Pool care in the spring package ideal for the start of the season - for pools up to 15 m³
€35.30 €41.70
Set variant
Large Spring Care Set
Pool care in the spring package, ideal for the start of the season - for pools up to 40 m³.
€126.90 €149.70

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