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You want to enjoy crystal clear and hygienically clean pool water all summer long? Now it's easy with the "Summer Essentials" set from BWT!

This pool care set includes all the care items needed to enjoy the summer season to the full. With the practical all-round package, you are perfectly equipped for the bathing season and can experience uninterrupted clear and hygienically clean pool water!

All necessary application areas are covered:
disinfection, dirt and particle removal, algae prevention, pH value regulation, flocculation.

High-quality all-round care for your pool

  • BWT Algicid
    The algae protection agent forpreventing algae formationensures that algae do not get a chance to form in the first place. Well compatible with other care articles and efficient in its effect thanks to high concentration.

  • BWT chlorine tablets
    Quickly soluble tablets for disinfectionand oxidation of impurities in pool water. The high-quality chlorine tablets are also suitable for use in hard water and do not affect the pH value.

  • BWT flocculant
    The liquid maintenance agent contains lanthanum, which removes the finest suspended particles, phosphates and copper in the water, thereby improving the filter performance of your filter system.Cloudiness and dirt particles are effortlessly removed to guarantee permanently clear water.

  • BWT pH-Minus Acid Granules
    The correct pH value is the prerequisite for a clean pool. The hydrochloric acid-free granulate should be dosed from a pH value of >7.4. The fast-dissolving granules lower the pHand thus help to combat green or cloudy water.

  • Benamin Ultra Clear
    Theself-dosing 4-in-1 care is the "all-rounder" in pool water care and takes care of everything without you having to touch the tablet: shock treatment, long-term disinfection, algae prevention, flocculation treatment.

  • BWT Rim Cleaner Gel
    This surface cleanercan effortlessly remove deposits that form along the waterline. Grease deposits or encrustations are cleaned up and gives your pool walls back their shine.


The pH value characterises the acidic or alkaline state of the water.
With either our digital BWT Pooltester 5in1 or the BWT ICO Station as a smart pool tester that sends you all the important water values, including dosing recommendations for pool chemicals, to your smartphone.
A flocculant (e.g. AQA marin flocculant cartridges) ensures that the so-called filter sharpness increases. The flocculant binds the smallest suspended particles or dirt particles into larger complexes/particles that can be filtered away by the pool filter and removed from the pool via backwashing. This significantly increases the water quality in the pool. The pool water has more shine, is clearer and thus also cleaner and more hygienic.
Yes. All AQA marin products with Algicid share or AQA marin Algicid are foam-free and suitable for counter-current systems.
Yes, this product is important for the first filling to prevent algae growth.
The flocculant was added too quickly or the reaction time (switch off the filter system for approx. 15 minutes) was not observed. Therefore, the flocculation only took place in the swimming pool. Remedy: Switch off the filter system, allow the flocs to settle and vacuum carefully.
Milky-cloudy water indicates lime precipitation due to a pH value that is too high (even if only once). Coloured turbidity is caused by organic impurities. A shock disinfection with chlorine or active oxygen after pH correction followed by flocculation makes the water clear again. For prevention, we recommend flocculation cartridges.
Yes, due to its special composition, the BWT Benamin Ultra Clear MINI still develops its full disinfection performance even at very high water temperatures (over 30 degrees Celsius).
The AQA marin Algicid can be used with all AQA marin Chlorine products.
First, you should add BWT Water Care pH-Plus while the circulation is switched on (approximately the volume corresponding to the added pH-Minus) and check the pH value with our digital pool tester 5in1 or the BWT ICO Station as a smart pool tester until it is in the optimum range of 7.0 to 7.4.
As soon as the pH value moves upwards, the addition should be stopped and measured cyclically. Continuous circulation is very important to ensure even mixing of the pool water.
Yes, you should also check your pool water at regular intervals (at least 1x per week) when using a multifunctional product such as the BENAMIN Ultra Clear. Our digital pool tester 5 in 1 or the BWT ICO Station as a smart pool tester can support you in this.
With green water, always carry out shock chlorination. BWT AQA marin Algicid is a preventive product.
The BENAMIN Ultra Clear behaves pH-neutral in pool water. Therefore, depending on the pool water and pH value, this must be checked and should also be adjusted by means of pH-Minus and/or pH-Plus. Our digital pool tester 5in1 or the BWT ICO Station as a smart pool tester with chemical dosing recommendations on the smartphone can support you in this.

Special bundles for your pool

Set variant
BWT Pool Spring-Set small
Pool care in the spring package ideal for the start of the season - for pools up to 15 m³
€35.30 €41.70
Set variant
Large Spring Care Set
Pool care in the spring package, ideal for the start of the season - for pools up to 40 m³.
€126.90 €149.70
Cleaning kit for salt water pools
Salt electrolysis set for easy cleaning and maintenance of your salt water pool up to 40 m³.
Available again soon
BWT AQA marin pool tester 5-in-1
Test set for checking chlorine content, ph value, cyanuric acid, total alkalinity and calcium hardness

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