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Consumables for softeners

BWT AQA Guard Wireless Sensor
Wireless protection against water damage, can be combined with Perla Home, Perla, Perla Hybrid and Perla Seta water softeners
BWT Ioclean - 4 pieces
Cleaning tablets for water softener for 6-month operator maintenance
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Pearl water system
Pearl water system
BWT Perla Tabs - 2 x 10 kg
Purest salt for all water softeners (99.9 %), in convenient 10 kg bags with carrying handle - also available as a subscription!
BWT Perla Tabs á 100 kg
Purest salt for all water softeners (99.9 %), in convenient 10 kg bags with carrying handle
BWT Perla Tabs á 200 kg
Purest salt for all water softeners (99.9 %), in convenient 10 kg bags with carrying handle
BWT Sanitabs 8 kg
Regenerating salt with integrated hygiene cleaning component for AQA water softener


Everyone knows the effects of limescale: it leaves traces on glasses, cutlery, shower walls or surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen, but also in household appliances and pipes. BWT pearl water systems transform hard water into silky soft pearl water - for softer skin, smoother hair and to protect the bathroom and household appliances from limescale.

Technical details

Product number: 082016
AQA Stop function: Optional accessories
AQA Watch function: No
Area of application according to DIN 1988-200 Dwelling units | Persons: up to 6 persons
Dimensions in mm (w x h x d): 410 x 610 x 505 mm
Flow rate in m³/h (at 1 bar pressure loss): 1.8
Height safety overflow in mm: 295
Salt consumption in kg per m³ water: 0,48
Salt stock: 25 kg
incl. connection accessories: Yes


Use our postcode search to find a BWT drinking water professional near you.
A drain connection, a floor drain and a separate mains connection (230 V/50 Hz) must be available in the immediate vicinity.
The technology of BWT water softeners is based on a process that also occurs in nature. The process is called "ion exchange". During this process, calcium and magnesium are removed from the water and replaced by sodium.
Simplex systems are equipped with one ion exchange column, duplex systems with two such columns. The main advantage of duplex systems with several columns is that no breaks in operation are necessary and the columns can alternate. This means that more fresh pearl water is available at all times.
In simplex systems with only one column, pauses must be taken for regeneration. However, most of the units are programmed to do this automatically at night, when little water is needed and there is still a reservoir of treated water.
You are welcome to make an appointment - just contact us.
We also continue to offer our services for owners of older devices such as the AQA perla, AQA life, AQA smart, AQA smart C, AQA smart Plus etc. Please feel free to contact us and make an appointment.
BWT also offers comprehensive solutions for business customers, from commercial and industrial, pharmaceutical and biotech, hotels and hospitals or for municipalities and cities. Feel free to contact us for individual advice and a non-binding offer!
If you have any questions about our service packages and maintenance offers, or your BWT device refuses to work, or if there is a malfunction which needs to be repaired, then please get in touch with our team.
Depending on whether you want to get rid of limescale in the long term or at least reduce its negative effects, there are two different methods.
A water softener is the right solution if the limescale content in the water is to be permanently reduced.
Limescale protection devices form tiny crystals of calcium carbonate from some of the limescale dissolved in the water, which in turn bind the remaining limescale to themselves. This prevents the limescale from settling in the pipes or boilers. The ideal solution for everyone who wants to leave valuable minerals in the drinking water and still enjoy safe limescale protection.
We will be happy to provide you with non-binding advice by e-mail or telephone and help you find the right product for you and provide you with a quotation. Alternatively, you can find a BWT drinking water professional near you and get advice there on site.

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