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The high-quality drinking glass perfectly complements the BWT glass carafe and embellishes every table. Whether they are filled with water or other drinks: the BWT glasses are suitable for use at elegant parties as well as at home for everyday life. The beautifully shaped glasses fit comfortably in the hand and are very robust thanks to their high quality.

Technical details

Product number: 125252403
Capacity: 300 ml
Weight: 1,05 kg


The BWT glasses can be put in the dishwasher for cleaning.
No, the BWT glasses can only be ordered in a pack of 6.
We do not recommend filling the glasses with hot liquids because of the risk of glass breakage due to material stress. In general, filling glass with hot liquids should only be done with extreme caution. Please also note the risk of burns.
No, the BWT drinking glass is not suitable for heating drinks in the microwave.

Suitable for

AQUAlizer Station Glass Carafe
High-quality, mouth-blown glass carafe 1.0 l
BWT b Water drinking glass - Pack of 6
Quality, elegance and sustainability - stylish eye-catchers for water lovers
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BWT Water Glasses (6 pieces)
Modern drinking glass set of 6 high-quality crystal glasses
BWT Horeca Glass Bottle - Pack of 6 à 375 ml
High-quality, mouth-blown glass bottle with elegant screw cap - à 375 ml
Standard glass carafe
High-quality, mouth-blown glass carafe 1.1 l with silicone rim and beautifully shaped lid with 360° spout

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