Excellent suction performance thanks to adjustable nozzles
Thanks to the adjustable nozzles, the BWT pool robots have better suction performance. The closer the nozzles are to the surface to be cleaned, the better the performance. The suction power is thus adapted to the type of dirt to be picked up.

Intelligent Navigation
BWT pool robots are equipped with the innovative Smart Navigation control system. The integrated gyroscope calculates the optimal route adapted to the pool for fast and efficient cleaning. This way you get the best cleaning performance for your pool.

4D filter
The 4D filter consists of elastic 3D microfibre loops which, in combination with the vibrating movement, maximise the water throughput. The vibration improves suction and prevents the filter from clogging. The 4D filter catches even the smallest impurities. From leaves to grains of sand, so nothing escapes.

Easy to use
The BWT D600 APP robot is equipped with a very practical transport trolley and a very small power supply unit for easy and pleasant operation of the device.

Breezer & Ultimate Power Technology
BWT pool robots are equipped with Breezer technology, a drive system that offers more efficiency and resistance. Its two motors and powerful pump make it a highly reliable robot. This system forms the Ultimate Power, the ideal solution for fast and optimal movement, unparalleled cleaning and unique robustness. 

Light up your life!
To make cleaning a real pleasure, this new robot illuminates your pool with a magnificent pulsating pink glow, in rhythm with the suction; effect guaranteed! These subtle light shows will magnify your pool and delight the friends invited to your lovely summer receptions.

Connected at all times
The BWT D600 model incl. app control has a Bluetooth module. With the BWT RC app, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple Store or Play Store, you have control of the robot at your fingertips! You can start and stop your robot remotely, and navigate freely to guide your pool cleaner to problem spots.

Scope of delivery*: BWT Pool Robot D600, Premium Transport Caddy
*Smartphone not included
Product features
Product number: 125259036
App control: Yes
Brush type: 4 PVA foam brushes + vibrating brush
Cable length: 18 m, Swivel
Dimensions (w x h x d): 44 x 39.1 x 25.5 cm
Drive technology: Dual drive, Breezer technology
Duration of the cleaning: 1.5 h, 2 h or 2.5 h + remote control via smartphone app
Filter type: 4D, Ultrafine Microfibre
For pools up to: 12 metres length
LED lighting: LED lighting pink
Navigation system: Smart Navigation + Gyroscope
Suction power: 19 m³/h | < 47.500 litres at 2,5 h runtime
Transport Caddy: Premium Trolley
Type of cleaning: Floor, wall, waterline
Weight: 9 kg
Yes, the BWT pool robot can be operated up to a salt content of 4000 ppm.
Note: The robot should be rinsed thoroughly with fresh water after each operation.
No! Do not use the robot while people are in the pool.
Simply place it in the water and let it float. The brushes automatically fill up with water. Then it sinks again as usual. You can speed this up by kneading the brushes under water.
The BWT pool robot is suitable for a water depth of up to 4 m.
No. The BWT pool robot has the unique 4D filter system, which absorbs and filters the usual dirt in a pool in the best possible way.
Ideally on a BWT transport trolley/caddy provided for this purpose. The rollers should be stored freely.
No. The BWT pool robot cleans and filters completely independently with its unique 4D filter system.
Yes. BWT pool robots are suitable for all common pool surfaces (PVC, ceramic, stainless steel and polyester).
Basically, it is sufficient to clean and check your BWT pool robot regularly during daily use. 

  • Be sure to disconnect the device from the power supply during cleaning
  • Clean the filters thoroughly after each use.
  • Check the drive system and the suction motor regularly and, if necessary, free them from impurities/foreign bodies
  • Unplug the floating cable at the transformer and lay it together starting from the robot. Occasionally, lay the cable out in the sun and leave it for a few hours before reassembling it
The automatic pool robot from BWT cleans your pool completely independently and reliably. It circulates the pool contents with significantly less energy consumption than a filter system.

Suitable replacement filter

Replacement filter for pool robots D400 | D500 | D600
Filter element for replacing a used filter cartridge

Special bundles

-19 %
Top seller
Pool robot model
BWT Pool Robot D300 Plus + Pearl Water Manager Chlorine/Bromine
Floor, wall and waterline cleaning for chlorine and bromine pools up to 12 metres long
€1,569.00 €1,938.00
-19 %
Pool robot model
BWT Pool Robot D300 Plus + Pearl Water Manager Salt
Floor, wall and waterline cleaning robot for salt pools up to 12 metres long
€1,569.00 €1,938.00
-14 %
Pool robot model
BWT Pool Robot D600 + Pearl Water Manager Salt
Bottom, wall and waterline cleaning for Salt Water Pools up to 12 metres long
€1,629.00 €1,898.00
-14 %
Top seller
Pool robot model
BWT Pool Robot D600 + Pearl Water Manager Chlorine /Bromine
Floor, wall and waterline cleaning robot for chlorine/bromine pools
€1,629.00 €1,898.00

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