BWT SANITABS - the regenerating salt with hygiene effect

BWT SANITABS was specially developed for regenerating water softeners in private households. SANITABS is a regenerating salt with an effective cleaning component in tablet form with an excellent hygiene effect.

The handy 8 kg pack of SANITABS is simply filled into the brine tank of your softener instead of conventional regenerating salt. Possible residues from a conventional regenerating salt do not interfere. After a short time  SANITABS unfolds its effect and thus ensures maximum safety and hygiene with every regeneration. 
By using SANITABS regularly, you not only keep the ion exchanger resin in your pearl water system hygienically clean, but a high-quality cleaning agent is also already created in the brine tank  through the contact of SANITABS with water. This helps to remove impurities and keeps the brine tank and the entire system hygienically clean.

Technical details

Product number: 094241
Dimensions in mm (w x h x d): 300 x 470 x 160 mm
Purity: at least 99.9 % sodium chloride
Weight: 8 kg


BWT Sanitabs are simply filled into the brine tank of the soft water system. Possible residues from a conventional regeneration salt do not interfere. After a short time, the BWT Sanitabs unfold their effect and ensure maximum safety and hygiene with every regeneration.
BWT Sanitabs is a regenerating salt type A (according to ÖNORM EN 973) in tablet form and naturally meets all the requirements of the Austrian Foodstuffs Codex (Codex Chapter B1 Drinking Water) in terms of purity and composition....
BWT Sanitabs salt tablets are used like conventional regeneration salt. The difference is made by the revolutionary, integrated cleaning component in the salt. This hygiene effect is created shortly after Sanitabs are added to the brine tank. Thus, in addition to the gentle regeneration in the water softener, impurities and deposits in the softener system are also dissolved and removed.
During the last regeneration step, possible impurities are completely flushed out of the system into the sewer.
  • Shelf life: 2 years from date of production
  • BWT Sanitabs are to be stored food-safe, frost-proof and dry.
  • The product must not get into the hands of children.

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