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The eye-catcher in your kitchen
With the new BWT AQUAlizer station, state-of-the-art aesthetics and technology are moving into your kitchen. Thanks to the patented BWT filter technology, the elegant station ensures high drinking water quality and the best taste. The magnesium and ZINC+Magnesium Mineralized filter cartridge included in the set protects your immune system and guarantees tasty tap water mineralised with zinc and magnesium.

Uncomplicated handling

The removable lid makes it easy to fill the tank under all common taps.

Manual cartridge change indicator.
The AQUAlizer Station has a manual indicator on the inside of the lid. This gives you an overview of when the filter cartridge needs to be changed (every 30 days at the latest).

Glass carafe included.
The glass carafes included with the station score points with their elegant design and high practicality. They fit directly under the station and are therefore easy to fill without any detours.

Winner of the "Kitchen Innovation Award 2022"

BWT's AQUAlizer Station was awarded the Kitchen Innovation Award 2022 as part of the Bottle Free Zone.

The Kitchen Innovation Award captures the needs of consumers, promotes demand-oriented product innovations and highlights particularly consumer-friendly products. The award is presented once a year for outstanding products from the kitchen and cooking and kitchen equipment sectors.

Functional, innovative, sustainable, aesthetic - with these advantages, our AQUAlizer station was able to convince the jury.

The award shows once again that we have our finger on the pulse of the time with our mission "Change the world - sip by sip" and motivates us to continue improving the world step by step!

Technical details

Product number: 125305476-A
Capacity: 1 l
Cartridge change interval: 4 weeks
Chlorine reduction: > 99 %
Colour: White
Filter capacity: 120 l @ 15-18 °d TH
Filter change indicator: Manual display
Filtered water capacity: 1 l
Heavy metal reduction: > 95 %
Lead time: 5 min
Limescale protection: Yes
Magnesium release: 25-30 mg/l
Reduction of organic substances: Yes
Zinc release: 3 mg/l
pH value filtered water: 6,3-7,0


You can remove the water tank of the BWT AQUAlizer Station . Fill it with tap water that meets the requirements for drinking water, please note the markings on the tank to ensure that the vessel underneath does not overflow. Please also ensure that the BWT water filter system is positioned straight, that it is stable and that the BWT glass carafe or drinking bottle is positioned precisely under the filler lever. The tap water from the tank is now filtered by the BWT filter cartridge and is ready for your daily drinking pleasure.
There is a manual change indicator in the lid of the water tank. The date for the next filter cartridge change can be set here. The filter cartridge must be changed after 4 weeks at the latest.
(A) Before using for the first time or replacing the exhausted filter cartridge, clean the tank and lid of the BWT water filter system with washing-up liquid and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or scouring pads, as scratch marks may appear on the BWT water filter system. The tank and lid are dishwasher safe.
(B) To achieve the best possible filter performance, the new filter cartridge must be soaked in tap water for five minutes. Please discard the water afterwards.
(C) Then insert the new filter cartridge into the tank of the BWT AQUAlizer station with slight pressure. Please make absolutely sure that the BWT water filter system is positioned straight, that it is stable and that the BWT glass carafe or drinking bottle is positioned exactly under the filling lever.
(D) Discard the first filling and fill the BWT water filter system again. Fine black particles of activated carbon may be flushed out, but these are completely harmless. In this case, we recommend refilling and discarding until the water is clear and free of particles.
(E) When filling the water tank, observe the markings (1 litre for the carafe and 0.6 litre for the drinking bottle) on the tank, this is the only way to ensure that the volume corresponds to the container below.
(F) The BWT water filter system is now ready for use.
The AQUAlizer Station consists of five parts:
  • The filter base
  • The glass carafe
  • The water tank
  • The water tank lid
  • The BWT filter cartridge
Place the base on a solid surface. Place the water tank on the base and place the glass carafe underneath the outlet stopper
Commission the BWT filter cartridge as described. Now your BWT AQUAlizer station is ready for use.
Clean the BWT water filter system at least once a week with washing-up liquid and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or scouring pads, as scratch marks may appear on the BWT water filter system. The tank and lid are dishwasher-safe.

BWT recommends boiling the filter cartridge once a week for hygienic reasons.

Filter cartridges

Filter technology
Packaging unit
Magnesium Mineralized Water 3-pack
Benefits of magnesium: Supports the muscle and nervous system, strengthens bones and teeth. Reduces fatigue and makes you more resilient.
Filter technology
Packaging unit
Soft Filtered Water EXTRA 3-pack
Reliably protects household appliances from limescale deposits. Particularly suitable for water with a high degree of hardness above 15° dH.
Filter technology
Packaging unit
ZINC + Magnesium Mineralized Water 3-pack
Benefits of ZINC: Strengthens the immune system and defences. Promotes the growth of skin, hair and nails.
Filter technology
Packaging unit
Silicate + Magnesium Mineralized Water 3-pack
Benefits of silicon: Supports mental fitness and the removal of harmful substances such as aluminium in the body.

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