Free standing unit AQA drink Pro 20
The AQA drink Pro 20 is a powerful, compact all-rounder and is suitable for all areas with medium water consumption - in the kitchen, in the office, in the gym or in shops. The unit is equipped with 3 water options - hot, chilled and sparkling. The capacity is 20 l/h for chilled/ sparkling water and 9 l/h for hot water. BWT magnesium technology and integrated UV technology ensure extra hygiene.

Filter cartridge reduces microplastics
The Magnesium Mineralized Water Protect Care filter reduces odour- and taste-disrupting substances such as chlorine and heavy metals such as copper, lead and nickel. The patented BWT magnesium technology enriches the water with magnesium. The integrated ultrafiltration membrane retains 99.9999 % of bacteria and reduces microplastics down to 0.001 mm for hygienic safety.

Base cabinet
The base cabinet forms the basis for the free-standing version. It offers space for the filter and the CO2 bottle as well as an approx. 3 l waste water tank with waste water level sensor suspended in the upper area. Another advantage is the integrated cup dispenser, which can be filled with standard cups with a capacity of 180 ml.

Technical details

Product number: 826033
Base unit dimensions (W x H x D): 23 x 80 x 36 cm
Cold water: Yes
Dimensions in mm (w x h x d): 23 x 39 x 36 cm
Hot water: Yes
Mains voltage/frequency: 220 - 240/50 V/Hz
Number of users: up to 20
Sparkling water: Yes
Still water: No
Tap height: 21,5 cm
Water delivery cooled/sparkling: 20 l/h
Water delivery hot: 9 l/h
Water temperature cooled: 4 - 12 °C
Water temperature hot: 90 - 95 °C


The cleaning of the units is subject to certain regulations. Thus, all parts carrying essence must be disinfected at least every 3 months. This can be done via the integrated software and with hot water. For the water-carrying parts, we recommend a hygiene service every six months, as with a water dispenser.
An Aquastop is integrated into the BWT filter head, which prevents water from escaping unintentionally when the shut-off valve is open if no AQA drink filter cartridge is installed.
However, it is advisable to turn off the water supply when replacing the filter and relieve the pressure by briefly opening the tap or pressing the cold water button on the water dispenser.
Like any refrigerator, a water dispenser also emits sounds. When drawing bubbling water, a pump will also be audible.

Filter cartridges for water dispenser

AQA drink Simply Care IC50
Water filter for drinking water optimisation | 6,000 l
Available again soon
BWT AQA drink Filtered Water Care TC200
Water filter for drinking water optimisation | 8,000 l
AQA drink
BWT AQA drink MPC400
Water filter for drinking water optimisation + magnesium | 1,600l
AQA drink
BWT AQA drink MPC500
Water filter for drinking water optimisation + magnesium | 2,250l


BWT AQUAlizer Station Glass Carafe
High-quality, mouth-blown glass carafe 1.0 l
BWT b Water drinking glass - Pack of 6
Quality, elegance and sustainability - stylish eye-catchers for water lovers
BWT Water Glasses (6 pieces)
Modern drinking glass set of 6 high-quality crystal glasses
BWT Horeca Glass Bottle - Pack of 6 à 375 ml
High-quality, mouth-blown glass bottle with elegant screw cap - à 375 ml
Standard glass carafe
High-quality, mouth-blown glass carafe 1.1 l with silicone rim and beautifully shaped lid with 360° spout

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