UV Disinfection

Disinfecting without chemicals

UV treatment of water is an extremely effective and low cost solution that kills most waterborne viruses and bacteria.
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UV-Disinfection UV-Disinfection

UV treatment

Simple & Safe

The UV treatment kills most waterborne viruses and bacteria

What is Ultra Violet Disin­fec­tion?

Ultra Violet disin­fec­tion (commonly abbre­vi­ated to U.V) is a well estab­lished, simple and safe tech­nology, used for the purpose of disin­fecting water without the use of chem­i­cals. UV disin­fec­tion effec­tively renders Legionella, Salmo­nella, Ecoli and most other water­borne bacteria harm­less, with no unde­sir­able by-​products to dispose of. UV disin­fec­tion works with a UV light pene­trating the cell of microor­gan­isms living in the water, halting their repro­duc­tion and rendering them harm­less. The outer wall of bacteria and viruses differ in thick­ness. The thick­ness of their cell wall deter­mines the amount of UV light expo­sure required to prevent their repro­duc­tion. The inten­sity of the light is measured in Joules per metre squared (J/m2 ). Drinking water appli­ca­tions require a dose of 400 J/m2. Rain water harvesting for grey water appli­ca­tions typi­cally require a lesser dose.

Intended Use

UV treat­ment of water is an extremely effec­tive low cost solu­tion that kills most water­borne viruses and bacteria. UV disin­fec­tion does not result in any nega­tive changes in the taste or odour of the treated water, so it is ideal for drinking water supplies in the private, commu­nity and busi­ness sectors.

Typical Applications

  • Potable water supplies
  • Grey water and water re-use
  • Cold water services
  • Private water supplies
  • Rain water harvesting systems
  • Humidifiers
  • Laboratory water supplies


  • Office blocks, hotels and apartments
  • Schools, colleges, and universities
  • Local authorities
  • Leisure centres/ leisure parks
  • Food and manufacturing industries
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Paper and electronics industries
  • Public buildings

Ultra Violet Disinfection

Protecting your health by looking after your water

How the system works

The water to be treated flows through the stain­less steel radi­a­tion chamber and past the UV lamps. The UV lamps generate UVC light at a wave length of 254nm, which is partic­u­larly effec­tive for the disin­fec­tion of water and destroys the DNA within the bacteria cells and viruses. The UV system is accu­rately controlled by modern elec­tronics, whilst the UVC sensor (where fitted) moni­tors lamp ageing, the radi­a­tion inten­sity, the UV trans­mis­sion of the water to be treated and any deposits formed on the quartz sleeve. Water passing through the system will be disin­fected, but there is no residual effect. Due consid­er­a­tion must be paid to the overall design and instal­la­tion of any system to ensure that cont­a­m­i­na­tion does not occur down­stream of the unit. Two sample points should be provided prior to and after the unit for peri­odic testing.

Sizing Consid­er­a­tions

The most impor­tant aspect when deciding on the choice or size of a UV system is deter­mining the UV trans­mis­sion of the water to be treated. This will differ depending on the maximum flow rate, type and origin of the water. Perfor­mance will be compro­mised if the maximum flow rate is exceeded. Where local site condi­tions are unpre­dictable, then addi­tional control systems must be installed.


The quality and type of water source may make it neces­sary to pre-​treat the source water before disin­fec­tion. Our tech­nical team are avail­able to offer free advice on a full range of water pretreat­ment including: sedi­ment filtra­tion, water soft­ening and iron removal. A suit­able sedi­ment filter should always be installed prior to the UV unit to protect it from partic­u­late matter and shad­owing. Over time, the output of the UV lamp reduces with age. This means that typi­cally, the UV lamp will need replacing on an annual basis. For most models, a UV inten­sity monitor is avail­able sepa­rately to accu­rately monitor lamp output. This enables optimum perfor­mance to be main­tained without unnec­es­sary lamp replace­ment.

Note: It is recom­mended that isolating valves are fitted to either side of the unit and suffi­cient clear­ance should be left on at least one side of the unit to with­draw the lamp and quartz sleeve for main­te­nance purposes.


AQA Pure & Pure +

The AQA Pure system is a compact, econom­ical UV system that utilises common­place single ended low pres­sure UV lamp tech­nology, making the system not only econom­ical for energy running costs, but also for replace­ment UV lamps. The single ended UV lamp also makes servicing the equip­ment very simple. The AQA Pure Plus adds greater customer conve­nience with reset­table hour counter, and the facility for remote moni­toring of lamp status. WRAS Approved.
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V Series Systems

The V Series Systems are a range of stain­less steel models that have been scien­tif­i­cally vali­dated to BS14897 to ensure the safe and reli­able oper­a­tion. Designed for optimum flow rates, UV dosage distri­b­u­tion and longevity the V series uses effi­cient UV lamps and advanced soft­ware to deliver outstanding perfor­mance. The systems are durable and easy to main­tain with constant moni­toring of the lamp status. WRAS approved and supplied with certifi­cate vali­da­tion.
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AS & AL Series

The AS and AL Series are constructed from 304 stain­less steel throughout, the water chamber is pres­sure rated to 10 bar. The chamber incor­po­rates low pres­sure UV lamps contained within a high purity quartz sleeve, phys­i­cally isolating it from the liquid. With 7 models to choose from and stan­dard chamber connec­tions from DN80 to DN150 these robust units are ideally suited to commer­cial and indus­trial appli­ca­tions. WRAS Approved.
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S Series

The S Series is an entry level range of stain­less steel UV units which provide a cost effec­tive, chem­ical free solu­tion to the treat­ment of problem water that is, may or likely to suffer from micro­bi­o­log­ical cont­a­m­i­na­tion. A wide range of models make these units the ideal choice for projects of all sizes.
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