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BWT Pro Portal is easy to use

The BWT Pro Portal is an intu­itive plat­form that you will quickly feel at ease with. As a BWT Best Water Profes­sional once to register all the func­tions and bene­fits are auto­mat­i­cally enabled ready for you to use. The BWT Pro Portal is more than a personal organ­iser, it’s your window into another world where you can register the BWT prod­ucts you install, monitor their status, and earn rewards not once but with every qual­i­fying purchase that your customers make from the BWT shop. What’s more if you are unsure of anything we will happily put you in touch a BWT advisor who will be happy to help.
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My Devices

Within this section you will be able to see all the products you have installed and when, helping you decide when and what consumables may be needed during your next visit. If enabled by your customer you will even be able to see an overview of each devices status, allowing you to offer advice or to suggest they talk to us if a service call is necessary.
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Register product

Here, you can register the BWT products you have sold or installed. You can also track your registered BWT product sales in the success statistics.
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Request service

When you get a call or notice an issue that isn’t a plumbing or instal­la­tion related you can auto­mat­i­cally request a service call on behalf of your customer directly from your App. Auto­mat­i­cally insert the customer’s and product data directly from your records, describe the problem - and press send and then leave the rest to us.
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Catalogue, brochures and more

Need a brochure or a set of instruc­tions? Then the Pro Portal can help with a full text search func­tion it can help you find what you are looking for and then deliver the rele­vant file, in PDF file format directly to your tablet, phone or desktop.
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Pearls and More

Use this area of the Pro Portal to keep track on the total number of Pearls you have earnt and been awarded. Pearls and More is a modern and progres­sive loyalty scheme that simply keeps on giving. When you register a nomi­nated product and that product is also regis­tered by your customer then you are rewarded with Pearls. When that customer then purchases selected prod­ucts from the BWT shop you will receive addi­tional Pearls, deposited directly into your account.
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