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"Very polite engi­neer who left the kitchen clean and tidy. Very happy with the service."

 Mrs. L Hicks (6th March 2020)

"The engi­neer was very helpful, polite and friendly. I was very impressed with how he went about his work, he is a really good ambas­sador for BWT."

Mrs. Hart (8th January 2020)

"Your engineer did a quick but conscientious job, checked the machine over, and renewed O ring seals. Much appreciated. Thanks."

Mrs Laurie Saunders (27th November 2019)

"Super easy to install (water softener), peace of mind engineer check up was amazing! And most importantly no more limescale!"

Mrs Emma Brimfield (21st August 2019)

"The engineer, was a lovely, friendly and courteous chap, even taking his shoes off outside the door before I could ask. He really went the extra mile in explaining everything as I had a long list of questions and he also adapted a fitting in order that we could use the large hood the installer had not fitted. This really makes all the difference and we are delighted and can't thank him enough as we didn't think it was possible. If all engineers had that kind of commitment to customer care and satisfaction, the world we be a happier place"

Mrs. Helen (31st January 2020)

"Your customer service is one of the best I’ve come across. I called in the faint hope of speaking to someone around a possible fault with our water softner. To my surprise someone called back and arranged for my details to be passed to the service depart­ment. Louise, made contact and asked for some details, including serial number etc. After giving these details, I was emailed to say a service engi­neer would call around and to my surprise I had a two year guar­antee. Simply bril­liant customer service from start to finish. I’d highly recom­mend you guys."

Mr. Mark Spackman (2nd April 2020)

James (the BWT Engineer) was very professional and straight forward to deal with.

Mr Ruzzkonski (29th March 2019)

Great service, could not fault it.

Mr Digney (29th March 2019)

Fabulous Customer Service - From an enquiry to a sorted solution in one go!

S Gibson (26th February 2019)

Excellent service by booking staff and engineer.

M Fischer (22nd February 2019)

We just wanted to thank you for the things you sent us a few weeks ago. We are using the Magne­sium Miner­aliser for all of our cuppings and it is working perfectly.We recently ordered more filters. We haven't have the time to install the other filters to our tap water yet but we intend to do so after the rush of upcoming events.

J Loayza (25th March 2019)

I am very pleased with my water softner. We had one previ­ously but now realise that it wasn't working prop­erly. I haven't had to descale my kettle since it was installed. Also the bath­rooms and showers look sparkling without using any prod­ucts. I haven't noticed any differ­ence with my clothes as I use fabric softner. Overall I am very pleased.

Mrs Brenda Barnett (20th August 2019)

Compact very reliable (water softener) does what it says on the box. Shower glass not staining shower head clean. Taps stopped scaling up. Cleaning products work better.

Mr David Blackburn (21st August 2019)

Certainly noticed the difference in the softness of the water. Softness of the water making it easier to make soap bubbles when washing.

Mr Barry Atkins (20th August 2019)

Thank you to James (the BWT Engineer) who was very efficient, knowledgeable and friendly too. We’re extremely impressed with BWT (they were recommended to us by my parents).

Ms Sari (29th March 2019)

Well one thing is for sure, the two of you put some of our other suppliers to shame when it comes to efficient customer service. I’d rank you top of the list for that!

M Yates (4th January 2019)

It is neat and compact and for the short time I have had this fitted, it seems to do its job as well as, and hopefully more ECO friendly than the previous one which I had had for some many years (water softener).

Mrs Margaret Fry (21st August 2019)

The service that we have received from you has been outstanding, from our telephone calls to your office to the visit of the engineer, Dave. Congratulations and keep it up - you stand out from the crowd.

K Hains (14th January 2019)

Great product (WS Softener), easy to use once initially setup. Does it's thing in the background and fill up with salt once in a while.Love the way the water feels when you shower. No longer use salt in dishwasher or softner in washing machine.

Mr Martin Berelowitz (20th August 2019)

It is very good. We already had WS for 15 years.

Dr Sam Bamdad (20th August 2019)

The BWT (water soft­ener) is small and compact, fits into very small spaces. Does what it says on the tin. This is our 3rd one in 30 years, you do not use as much shampoo soap or washing deter­gent. You do not get scum after having a bath.

Mr Geoffrey Diggens (21st August 2019)

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