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BWT water solutions can help you guarantee the perfect water quality at home or work. We then add the perfect service so you can enjoy the benefits around the clock.
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Choosing BWT as your water solutions provider doesn’t just mean high quality and first-class products, but also the best in after care and service. Our team of dedicated experts and technicians are on hand to assist you in choosing the right product, to answer any questions you might have and then to help you look after that product in the future. Our knowledgeable team and extensive range of aftersales services, help you enjoy the best quality water and the highest level of customer care!

The face of Perfect service

Our friendly and knowledgeable team of over 140 people based in in the UK are here to help you. Whether you need help choosing the right product, advice on installation or after sales support. There are few questions we have not heard before and we are always happy to share our knowledge. So if you have a question, would like support with your next project or simply want to book a service, please contact us.

  • Customer focused staff with many years of experience
  • Sound local knowledge of the water in your area
  • A solid understanding of water and water treatment
  • Friendly and free advice
  • Trained and approved service technicians and engineers
  • On site consultations, commissioning and repairs
  • Nationwide coverage

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BWT, No 1 in After Sales Service

BWT's reputation is second to none. Indeed, their commitment to providing the very best in after sales service is one of the most important factors behind the strength and ever increasing popularity of their brands

Commissioning service

Many BWT prod­ucts are deliv­ered to your home or place of work ready to work straight from the box and require little more than installing appro­pri­ately in the right place. Other prod­ucts will benefit from being set up or finely tuned to suit the local envi­ron­ment, e.g. domestic water soft­eners this process is known as commis­sioning. Commer­cial equip­ment like water soft­eners, and specialist equip­ment like reverse osmosis (RO) units may need to be assem­bled on site by BWT and their oper­a­tion opti­mised before they can be inte­grated into larger more complex systems. All or part of this process along with any final adjust­ments is known as commer­cial commis­sioning.
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Free @ Home Commissioning

Is available on a range of selected BWT domestic water softeners and brings a wealth of benefits to our consumers and Installers. Passing the mantle to one of BWT’s fully trained engineers, frees up the installers time to focus on the other aspects of the installation, whilst the consumer knows that not only will their water softener be set up to suit their specific requirements including the local water conditions, but the home visit will also give them the chance to ask questions not just about their new purchase but also regarding water softeners in general. Free @ Home Commissioning is another way in which BWT supports its Installers and the Consumer.
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Field Service

Employed directly by the company BWT engineers and technicians are specialists in their field and often local water experts as well. Trained on a wide range of equipment and technologies to ensure that the equipment you rely on can be maintained to the highest standards. With staff strategically located throughout the UK helps us to ensure you are never too far from a friendly team member, whether you require a routine service visit or help with a product that isn’t working properly. We take your safety seriously and all our staff drive company branded vehicles and carry identification cards for your peace of mind.
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Product Registration

Thank you for choosing to purchase a BWT product. Product regis­tra­tion is simple whether you choose to do it HERE, in the App or pop your regis­tra­tion card in the post. Regis­tering your purchase helps us to ensure that any future queries you may have can be dealt with quickly and effec­tively. If you are regis­tering a more complex item then it helps us to allo­cate the right warranty period to that product or service plan if appro­priate. With BWT you are always in control and when you register your product you can choose whether you want to and how you receive timely reminders or details of related prod­ucts like special offers and consum­ables.

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Service Plans & Extended warranty

All BWT UK products come with a minimum of a 12 month guarantee. The majority of BWT domestic water softeners are supplied with a warranty that can be extended using one of our extended warranty or service plans. Many of these can be tailored to your specific needs, each one providing the peace of mind offered by an extended warranty and the practical benefits of a scheduled service plan. For full details please see the literature supplied with your new product or simply call us for more details.
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