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BWT Pool Robots ensure optimal cleaning, clear water and flawless surfaces for a beautifully clean pool!
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Ensure optimal cleaning for your pool

It is important to clean a pool regularly so that you can enjoy unadulterated bathing fun all season long. In addition to caring for your water to ensure optimal quality, cleaning the floor, walls and surface also plays an important part in keeping it in tip top condition. BWT pool robots are designed to make regular maintenance easier so that you do not have to spend more time cleaning than necessary. These little helpers ensure optimal cleaning, clear water and flawless surfaces. Excellence, intelligence and innovation sit at the heart of BWT’s Robotic Pool cleaners that have been designed and developed with you in mind. Maintaining your pool is now easier than ever with the BWT Robot Pool Cleaner – D Line

Why are BWT Robotic Pool Cleaners the best?

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BWT Poolroboter D300 Video
BWT Poolroboter D300 Video
BWT pool cleaning robot D300: With app for convenient smartphone control


BWT Robot Pool Cleaner D Line

Bene­fits of the BWT Robot Pool Cleaner D Line

  • Ideal for all types of swim­ming pools
  • Ideal for any type of surface
  • Best filter perfor­mance thanks to 4D filters
  • Optimal suction power thanks to adjustable nozzles
  • Quick cleaning
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • App available for conve­nient smart­phone control (D300 only)


BWT Poolroboter D300 Video BWT Poolroboter D300 Video

Selecting the right robotic pool cleaner

When choosing your pool robot, there are a few questions to ask and criteria to consider to ensure the robot you choose is right for your pool:

Application area: floors, walls and waterline

The first fundamental decision is do you want your new robot to only clean the floor or the walls as well. The BWT D Line D100 is perfect for floors whilst the D200 and 300 are perfect for cleaning wall and the waterline thanks to their excellent suction and grip.

Shape and size of the pool

BWT pool robots are suitable for pools of all shapes and sizes and efficiently clean all types of pools, whether liner pools, tiles or polyester pools. When choosing the device you should consider the size of your pool including the length and floor area.

Desired equip­ment

Depending on the model, BWT pool robots are available with various levels of additional equipment that make handling and operation even easier. Depending on the model, some devices have a handle so that your hands do not come into contact with dirt or other materials when cleaning the filter. In order to make transport and storage problem-free, a robust and practical transport trolley is also available with the D200 and 300 models.

App control

There are also options for control­ling the pool robot. In addi­tion to the classic and manu­ally controlled pool robots, there are also models such as the BWT pool robot D300, which can be conve­niently controlled via an app. 

Pool water maintenance

Pool water maintenance

In addi­tion to cleaning the pool, regular care and cleaning of the pool water with appro­priate water care prod­ucts is essen­tial for the best pool water quality.

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