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In Best Water Restau­rants, every­thing revolves around enjoy­ment. Exquisite dishes, tasty drinks and the best local water are being offered to the guests. BWT water helps your guest with maximum enjoy­ment in every form. Best Water Restau­rants serve local water enriched with minerals and trace elements. A sustainable water solution that helps you reduce plastic waste and CO2 emission as a result of long trans­port routes, good for your restaurant as well as for the planet.

"No pleasure is temporary. The impression it leaves is permanent."

Best Water for your Restau­rant

Simply tastes better

Opti­mised water sits at the heart of a Best Water Restaurant, offering the best water expe­ri­ence. While you treat your guests with exquisite deli­ca­cies, we provide you with refreshing, locally prepared drinking water enriched with vital minerals.

Our Restaurants

Restau­rants, that serve the best water.

Best water quality and unique enjoy­ment throughout the restau­rant - that is the motto of our Best Water Restau­rants. Our part­ners know how to cater their guests in the best possible way and we know how to support our part­ners with excel­lent BWT service.

AlpINN, Bruneck, IT

Fischer­wirt, Salz­burg, AT

St. Peter Stifts­ku­li­na­rium, Salz­burg, AT

Best Water Restaurant
Best Water Restaurant

Esprit, Fuschl, AT

Triangel, Salz­burg, AT

That's what our Restaurants say

Erwin Haiden

Jakob Schmid­lechner - Esprit, Fuschl

Thanks to BWT products, we can offer our guests local water that has been enriched with valuable magnesium and has all the properties of conventional mineral water. We also make a contribution to protecting the environment.

Norbert Nieder­ko­fler - AlpiNN - Food Space & Restau­rant, Bruneck

We declare our restaurant a "Bottle Free Zone", which means that we avoid unnecessary transport and consumption of bottles.

Claus Haslauer und Veronika Kirchmair - St. Peter Stiftskulinarium, Salzburg

We make a contribution to reducing transport routes and reducing CO² emissions and consequently promote environmental protection. We also support aid projects with €0.10 per unit sold.

Fran­ziska Gensbichler - Triangel Gastro­nomie KG, Salz­burg

By using water dispensers from BWT, we have been able to reduce our costs and the use of glass bottles. Therefore we have more space and storage space in the beverage warehouse.

Harald Huber - Fischer­wirt, Salzburg

When you drink BWT mineralized water, you have made a decision. You have chosen local water that has been enriched with valuable magnesium, zinc or silicates using the best technology from BWT.

Becoming Best Water Restau­rant

BWT, with their innovative and unique technology, ensures sustain­able enjoy­ment in your restau­rant, making your guests as well as the envi­ron­ment happy. Your restau­rant
becomes a Bottle Free Zone, where local water is filtered and enriched with minerals. The Magne­sium Miner­al­ized Water ensures well-​being and the best taste. At the same time, plastic waste and Co2 emission through long trans­port routes are controlled.
A perfect way to serve your guests with the best culi­nary delights and the best water.

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