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BWT Best Water Home app

The BWT Best Water Home app gives you convenient access to all your BWT devices via your smartphone or tablet computer at any time, allowing you to monitor their status.
BWT@home App BWT@home App

BWT Best Water Home app


Smart connectivity for your BWT products

Welcome to the digital world of BWT. Get connected with the BWT Best Water Home app. Put your feet up and enjoy the convenience of being able to monitor your BWT systems on your smartphone or tablet computer, no matter where you are. You can keep an eye on your appliances at all times, and enjoy optimum service. Enter the world of BWT and download the BWT Best Water Home app on your smartphone today.


The BWT Best Water Home app lets you keep a watchful eye on your BWT products – from anywhere, at any time:

  • Reliable status display for your BWT products
  • Regular reminders for your product
  • Re-order consumables conveniently online
  • Direct contact with BWT Customer Service and your service partner
BWT@home App BWT@home App

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Frequently asked questions

You'll find answers to frequently asked questions here

Registration in the app not possible

Please check the internet connection of your smartphone. Registration is only possible if an Internet connection is available.

Please check the login data and reset the password you have chosen if necessary.

Occasionally the servers need maintenance. If this is the case, a service message with the maintenance period is displayed. Please try again after this time.

I do not have an Android or iOS operating system.

Unfortunately your operating system is not supported. You cannot use the BWT Best Water Home App.

Device status and app do not match?

Check the Internet connection of your device and make sure that your phone has an upright Internet connection.

After initial activation or during operation, the status is only checked once an hour via GSM. Deviations may therefore occur. If the deviations persist beyond the period of one hour, please contact the BWT service hotline (customer service).

How do I activate the connectivity mode?

In order to use the BWT Best Water Home App, it must be connected to your BWT Pearl Water System. For this purpose the so-called "connectivity mode" must be activated:

  • Click on "Settings" in the menu
  • Under "Device settings" activate the check mark for "Connectivity mode".

Link does not work?

Please check the Internet connection and the availability of the desired App Store of your smartphone. Please try again afterwards.

Holiday mode cannot be deactivated?

For security reasons, the holiday mode can only be deactivated on the device itself. Please go to the device for this purpose.
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