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BWT Sport Sponsor of the year 2022

On Thursday, 13. October 2022, BWT's sports commitment was honored by the expert jury of the prestigious German media portal HORIZONT. As part of the "HORIZONT Sportbusiness Leaders Forum" event, the award ceremony took place at the Germania Rowing Club in Frankfurt. CMO Lutz Hübner accepted the award from Robert Lechner (BWT Lechner Racing).
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The joint venture – THE MOBILITY F.C. MEMBRANES COMPANY GmbH – a BWT CHEMOURS Company, will be a 50-50 partnership focused on filling the pipeline critical to advancing the hydrogen economy in the transportation industry.
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Pure Plea­sure From The Water Dispenser

Refreshing water from the water dispenser with the best taste and highest stan­dards of hygiene – this is what the filter systems BWT best­care and BWT best­drink PREMIUM with Magne­sium from BWT water+more stand for.
They have been specially devel­oped for cold water dispensers.
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5 tips for a fun and relaxed BBQ!

For guaranteed fun before, during and after the barbecue, BWT has put together five life hacks to help make your next barbecue party fun and relaxed.
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5 reasons why drinking filtered water is better than buying single-use plastic bottled water

A life without single-use water bottles isn’t hard or even impossible - why? We explain the advantages of a Bottle Free Zone and how you, your family and the environment can benefit from drinking Magnesium Mineralized Water.
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Make your own Summer Refreshments with BWT
A step by step guide to help you stay cool this summer!

You know it’s summertime when you hear that ice-cream van come down the road! Nothing makes adults and kids more excited than a cool refreshing ice-cream or ice drink in the warm summer months.

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Beautiful skin and hair tips from BWT

If skin and hair are dry and brittle, it may not be because of the wrong care - but the water. We explain why softening your water is a real beauty insider tip for silky hair and softer skin and how you can save some of your care products - and money - in the future.
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Limescale: An unwanted guest in your house

The regular maintenance and cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom so that household appliances look clean, constantly descaling your kettle or coffee machine - does that sound familiar? How do these problems occur? Limescale of course, or more specifically hard water!
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Children Skin Care: the effects of hard or soft water

Skin care does not only become an issue in adults, learning how to protect your skin from a young age is important as skin is always exposed to environmental influences, regardless of your age.
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Why you should use Luxury Water for your Baby's skin?

Luxury water has several benefits for your newborn baby but there are also many benefits for you too! Luxury Water® can help you in your daily life
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