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Whether at home, at the table, in the office or on the go, with reusable drinking bottles and cups from BWT, you can always have your drinking water to hand.
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The end of the disposable bottle

At BWT we recognise that drinking water is a rare resource, our water treatment solutions are focused on sustainability and protecting the environment through processes that reduce waste and minimise the use of chemicals. This ethos is encapsulated in our largest commercial plant through to the technology we use to deliver drinking water to you at homes and work. Delivering great tasting water from a dedicated tap or dispenser is helping our customers say no to single use plastic bottles. Our range of ancillaries extend the reach of our drinking water products, beyond your home and place of work, to your commute to work and your recreational activities as well. The greater the reach the less need there is for carry home bottled water, the need for fewer bottles and in turn less waste. For us, it’s a matter of course to work in a sustainable manner and to treat our blue planet’s valuable resources with care. Our practical and functional drinking bottles and cups offer you the chance to enjoy BWT Magnesium Mineralized drinking water whilst minimising the use of single use plastics for the benefit of you and planet blue.

Refillable Bottles


Drinking bottles to go! Made of high-quality TritanTM these bottles will soon become your new best friend with their large opening, great for easy filling and handy hand strap for when you are on the move. A choice of colours repre­senting our filtered water (blue) and Magne­sium Miner­al­ized Water (Pink) along with the optional strainer help you to recog­nise yours when in use.

  • Large opening
  • Hand strap for a secure hold
  • Break-resistant
  • 100% BPA free
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Eco / Bio Cups


Choosing the right cup for your busi­ness, your employees and your visi­tors allows you to easily demon­strate your social respon­si­bility. More conve­nient than ceramic, safer than glass and more eco-​friendly than plastic. We offer two recy­clable 7.5oz cup options: Our Eco cup (pink) is made from paper and can be easily recy­cled, while our Bio cup (white) will also quickly break down with no harmful effects where no recy­cling facil­i­ties exist.

Ancillaries broadway engineering

The Magnesium Difference

Water is more than just a refreshing drink and provides a vital source of minerals such as calcium and magne­sium and so is impor­tant to our health. BWT Magne­sium Miner­al­ized Water is ideal for topping up on some of those vital ingre­di­ents such as Magne­sium.

A well-​balanced diet can help you get the calo­ries and nutri­ents you need to fuel your daily activ­i­ties, at home, work and play. By balancing the amount of magne­sium into this diet, you can help* your body because Magne­sium contributes to:

  • normal energy-​​yielding metab­o­lism and a reduc­tion of tired­ness and fatigue
  • elec­trolyte balance and normal muscle func­tion
  • normal psycho­log­ical func­tion and func­tioning of the nervous system
  • normal protein synthesis and has a role in the process of cell divi­sion
  • the main­te­nance of normal bones and teeth

*List of permitted health claims established in the Official Journal of the European Union. COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 432/2012 of 16 May 2012


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