BWT letting you enjoy the highest quality water!

BWT Soft­ened water brings a touch of luxury and a real differ­ence that's notice­able throughout your home.
See, feel and expe­ri­ence the change that Luxury Water® brings: an invig­o­rating shower, brighter, softer clothes, smooth hair and skin - sparkling dishes and glasses as well as hassle free cleaning. With lower energy bills and better performing appli­ances with a longer life expectancy, you'll be surprised at how many ways BWT Luxury Water® can improve your life.

Discover how BWT Luxury Water® can bring afford­able luxury into your home.

7:05AM Start the day right

Start the day with a revi­tal­ising shower with richer lather and softer soap­suds. BWT Soft­ened water has a silky clean feeling, making hair soft and easy to manage. Luxury Water® rinses completely away, leaving no residue even after shaving and towels feel fluffy and gentle on the skin. The perfect start to the day.
Man showering

11:30AM Luxury throughout your home...

BWT's Luxury Water® soft­eners are designed to deliver gentle water that protects your family and your home. Our Luxury Water® will meet the demands of your busy daily routine, guar­an­teeing the bene­fits when­ever you need them. Often needing less soap and deter­gents to work effec­tively, BWT soft­ened water is kinder to your appli­ances, heating system, clothes and your skin.
girl washing clothes

4:15PM Enjoy more quality time...

BWT Luxury Water ensures that kitchens and bath­rooms main­tain their new look for longer - Shiny surfaces, bright chrome and spot free ceramics, saving you lots of time over the average four hours it typi­cally takes to a clean a three bed home.

Leaving you with more time to relax and spend time with the ones you love.

Family In Kitchen

7:00PM Bene­fits for the whole family...

Luxury Water® cares for the whole family - little ones will love play­time in a bath full of soft, soapy bubbles and hair will feel softer and shinier. BWT Soft­ened water protects their deli­cate skin from dryness and Luxury Water® requires less soap and shampoo to produce a luxu­rious lather. Whilst soft, fluffy towels and beau­ti­fully soft pyjamas bring a snuggly luxury to the bed-​time routine.
Mother and Daughter

8:45PM Care free with Luxury Water®...

BWT softened water is very affordable and will provide real savings and immediate benefits throughout your home. It will help you save money on cleaning, beauty and hair care products, and appliances that last longer, reducing your shopping bill and the impact on landfill. Leaving you free to relax at the end of the day knowing that BWT Luxury Water® protects you, your family and your home.
Old couples looking cool

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