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BWT Water + More and TONE work together to offer a Complete Solu­tion

As you may know, coffee is 98% water and as the saying goes, if the water is right, the result will be right.

As a global water tech­nology company oper­ating on an inter­na­tional footing, we have a specialist team, BWT Water+More, that are experts in water opti­mi­sa­tion and have an overview of water situ­a­tions world­wide and support the inter­na­tional barista scene with their full know-how.

We work closely with, and are members of the Specialty Coffee Association and are proud to be the offi­cial Qual­i­fied Water Filtra­tion Sponsor of the World Barista Championships until 2025.

In the UK, we are also the offi­cial water partner for several Coffee Events throughout the year, including Caffe Culture.


TONE provides the world's first port­folio of intel­li­gently designed equip­ment dedi­cated to unmatched brewing preci­sion and control while also consuming 10 times less energy than any compet­i­tive offering. TONE has arrived in the post touch screen age and is proud starting a new era of intel­li­gent prod­ucts.
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