Whole house water filters

My water? Clean as a whistle!

Water is part of our daily lives - showering, washing clothes, cooking or a refreshing glass of water in between, this makes it all the more important to get the quality right. BWT water filters prevent foreign particles from entering your domestic installation thus ensuring the perfect water quality
Mädchen genießt sauberes Wasser Mädchen genießt sauberes Wasser

Whole house water filters

Recipe for clean water

Sitting around the table with the family, laughing, chatting and enjoying an excellent meal. You can enjoy the time spent together even more when you know that all the ingredients have been prepared with the best water.
Pärchen kocht gemeinsam Pärchen kocht gemeinsam

Whole house water filters

Getting the quality right

Brushing your teeth is fun when the tap water is hygienically clean and clear. Caring for your drinking water filters is just as important as caring for your teeth.
Mädchen beim Zähneputzen im Bad Mädchen beim Zähneputzen im Bad



A "must" in every house­hold - for optimum protec­tion and maximum quality in mains water instal­la­tions

On the long journey from the water treatment plant to your home, particles such as dirt, sand or rust can get into the water supply and thus into your domestic water installation. This can be as a result of new connections or maintenance work on the public supply system. If you get your water from your own well or spring, the problem of impurities can be even greater in some cases. A drinking water filter as part a total drinking water solution enables you to protect your home against water-borne foreign particles and help ensure a supply of fresh hygienically untainted water.

No more unwanted intruders

Installing a whole house drinking water filter makes sense because it forms a barrier against the undesirable elements that can spoil the taste and quality of your water around your home.


Take control of the quality of your drinking water

Can water 'go off'?

More than half of those surveyed were not aware of the fact that even the best water can 'go off' on its way through the pipes in their home to the glass.*

*see the study carried out by Marktagent.com on behalf of Forum Wasserhygiene e.V. , May 2017

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BWT whole house filters improve water quality

Installed as close to your stopcock as possible a BWT filter will make it easier than ever for you to enjoy fresh clean drinking water all a round your home.

Whole House drinking water filters can be relied on to keep dirt out of domestic installations. When used with specialist filter cartridges or as part of a larger system they can also be used for more specific tasks like reducing limescale or removing bad tastes and odours.

Mangelnde Wasserhygiene

Whole house water filters

E1 single-​lever filter - water quality made simple!

The BWT E1 single-lever filter will convince you with its ingenious concept and ease-of-use: The hygiene vault, the filter cup containing the filter element, can be replaced in a matter of seconds. The water can be shut off directly on the device in just one action - without requiring tools and without splashing water everywhere.

If you register your product, BWT offers a 10-year guarantee and an automatic reminder service by e-mail - ensuring you don't forget to replace the hygiene vault.

E1 Einhebelfilter – so einfach ist Trinkwasserhygiene! E1 Einhebelfilter – so einfach ist Trinkwasserhygiene!

Flex­ible filter hous­ings to meet your needs

The NP1 and NDL2 are filter hous­ings, designed for instal­la­tion on cold potable water supplies.

Filter hous­ings can be used with a variety of filter cartridges to protect the incoming water supply, indi­vidual appli­ances or other water treat­ment devices such as water soft­eners or ultra violet disin­fec­tion units.

Supplied without a filter cartridge the installer has the freedom to choose the right one to match the local water condi­tions.

Whole house filter E1 Einhebelfilter


We would be happy to help you find the BWT water softener that best suits your needs. Contact our BWT experts for advice.

BWT – Your Partner for Special Applications

For self-sufficient customers that rely on a private water source and for those customers that have a water supply that does not always meet the statutory standards BWT have a range of products that can help.

The composition of private water sources can change and In all such cases BWT strongly recommend that the water is regularly tested by an authorised laboratory to ensure any water treatment solution in use is still appropriate. Our experts will be happy to advise on the best options available once the quality of the local water is known.

BWT – Ihr Partner für Spezialfälle BWT – Ihr Partner für Spezialfälle

BWT Quality

Our promise of quality

How does a drinking water filter work?

Wie funktioniert ein Trinkwasserfilter?
Wie funktioniert ein Trinkwasserfilter?

How it works

In whole house filters, the filter element works like a fine sieve: dirt parti­cles and suspended matter larger than the open­ings in the sieve are held back on the filter surface and can no longer get into the water pipe. The water is cleaned mechan­i­cally. The performance of the filter is spec­i­fied in μm (microme­tres). BWT stan­dard drinking water filters have a performance rating of 90 μm. By way of compar­ison: the average diam­eter of a human hair is approx. 100 μm while the BWT range of replace­able 10” cartridges can be spec­i­fied with filtra­tion levels from 25 to 1 micron.

But not all whole house filters are the same! A distinc­tion is made between replace­able filters and back­flush reusable filters.

Replace­able filter

In the case of replace­able filters, cleaning is carried out by replacing the filter element. To ensure a high degree of drinking water quality the filter element should be changed at least every six months.

In the E1 single-lever filter, BWT has devel­oped a completely new type of filter. Thanks to its unique design and the single-lever oper­a­tion, changing the filter unit is extremely conve­nient and easier than with most any other filter.

 E1 Einhebelfilter
 E1 Einhebelfilter

Back­flush filter

In the case of backflush filters, cleaning is triggered by opening a flushing valve. Part of the filtered water is diverted and flows through the filter element in the opposite direction. So the particles of dirt are loosened and flushed out via the drain. Depending on the model, backwashing can be triggered automatically or manually and should be done every two months.

All BWT backflush filters - such as the BWT R1 - work with 2-phase back flushing: Coarse particles are washed out in the first phase, while the fine filtering of the filter element takes place in the second phase.

 E1 Einhebelfilter
 E1 Einhebelfilter

Frequently asked questions about drinking water filters

Can corrosion in water pipes cause damage to health?

Corrosion processes can cause heavy metals of the pipe material to enter the drinking water and impair the water quality. These metals can lead to health impairments, especially for infants, the sick and the elderly. It is always therefore recommended to allow the water to run freely to drain for several minutes after periods of non-use.

How often do I have to service my drinking water filter?

According to the standard, the filter element of the E1 single-lever filter or a spin-on filter must be replaced every 6 months. For backwash filters, the filter should be cleaned every 2 months.

What is a water filter?

Read in the section "Worth knowing" our magazine article what a water filter is and which advantages it brings with it.

What is limescale ?

Read in the section "Worth knowing" in our magazine article what limescale is and how it gets into drinking water.

Are water suppliers obliged to provide clean water?

Your water supplier is the guarantor that you get drinking water delivered to your home. The strict principles for this quality are laid down in the Drinking Water regulations. However, in your domestic water network this quality can be lost through heating, different materials etc. - problems such as limescale and corrosion can develop. The responsibility for the drinking water changes when it enters your home from the supplier to the house owner. Thus the "operator of a drinking water system" is responsible and influence the quality of the water at the tap.
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