Water filter tap

The best Magnesium Mineralized Water direct from the kitchen tap

Turn on the tap and enjoy. Never have to carry bottled water from the shops again and thereby reduce plastic waste.

Water filter tap

The best Magnesium Mineralized Water direct from the kitchen tap

Additional limescale protection in the filter reliably protects kettles and coffee makers against limescale deposits.

Water filter tap

A treat for the whole family

Magnesium Mineralized Water tastes just great. Enjoy it on its own or as the key ingredient in your hot and cold drinks.
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Water filter tap

AQA drink Pure

This clever complete solution offers the most refreshing magnesium mineralized water straight from the kitchen tap. Never have to carry bottled water from the shops again and thereby reduce plastic waste.
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filter systems

Fresh magnesium mineralized water at home on tap

BWT’s advanced drinking water systems transform tap water into Magnesium Mineralized Water, making local water not only taste better but the need to transport and dispose of plastic bottles a thing of the past. The unique, patented BWT magnesium technology can be found across the range enhancing the flavour carrying characteristics of the water. Each system also incorporates limescale protection technology to protect kettles and coffee machines from the damaging effects of scale. Top of the range models include a special, high-quality GROHE tap, together with a programmable filter change indicator for easy monitoring of the filter status, ensuring optimal use of the system.
Produktteaser Küchenwasserfilter
Produktteaser Küchenwasserfilter
Fresh, filtered BWT water directly from your kitchen tap with the new AQA drink Pure complete system

Why do you need a drinking water filter for the kitchen?

Water is an elixir of life and a limited resource at the same time. Whilst mains water is safe to drink it not always perfect and can often suffer from bad tastes and odours and trace elements that find their way into the supply from the source water or the pipes that deliver it. Regions with very hard water are all too familiar with the problems that scale can cause to coffee machines and kettles, often reducing their effectiveness and lifespan.

The topic of environmental protection and the reduction of plastic waste has also reached the centre of our society. Much is already being done to reduce the amount of plastic packaging and with a BWT drinking water system you can play your part in reducing the consumption of disposable single use plastic bottles by switching to the great taste of magnesium mineralized water on tap instead of buying water from a supermarket.


Product overview

The elegant solu­tion for fresh filtered water

It has never been so easy to make tap water in the kitchen a unique taste expe­ri­ence! Because the high-​quality drinking water systems from BWT filter out those unwanted elements that can cause bad tastes and odours and then adds magne­sium to trans­form your ordi­nary tap water into the best magne­sium miner­al­ized water. And all of this conve­niently straight from the kitchen tap.

Choose the BWT system that is right for your home

Would you also like to enjoy fresh magne­sium water in your kitchen? BWT UK offer you the choice of two systems:

  • The AQA drink Pure range with full size high quality GROHE 2 way tap and MP200 filter system
  • AQA drink Slim range with dedi­cated drinking water tap and indi­vidual quick change filter System.

BWT AQA drink Pure Sets

With a BWT water filter tap, you can enjoy fresh, filtered magnesium mineralized water straight from your kitchen tap. The new AQA drink Pure complete systems combine the innovative BWT magnesium technology with the modern tap design from GROHE. A programmable filter change indicator shows when the filter needs to be replaced.

  • Fresh magnesium mineralized water
  • Reduces the need to transport small bottles of water
  • Helps homes reduce plastic waste
  • Programmable filter change indicator
Untertischfilter-Set Untertischfilter-Set

Configure AQA drink Pure for Your Home

Select the AQA drink Pure range and choose from two models the AQA drink pure URBAN with C spout or an AQA drink Pure LOFT with L spout and pull-​out spray. Both sets contain every­thing to install the product in the kitchen:

  • an AQA drink magne­sium filter cartridge MP200 with filter head
  • a program­mable counter unit for checking the filter status
  • high-​quality, chrome-​plated tap from GROHE

Filter MP200
Filter MP200
AQAdrink Monitor
AQAdrink Monitor
AQA drink pure loft
AQA drink pure loft

The AQA drink filter cartridge

Is equipped with the innovative BWT magnesium technology and converts your tap water into Magnesium Mineralized Water in five filtration stages. Odour and taste-disturbing substances such as chlorine and heavy metals such as copper, lead or nickel are reduced and the water is enriched with the valuable mineral magnesium. Magnesium is not only good for you but is a fantastic flavour carrier as well and brings out the aromas of drinks and food. Whilst additional limescale protection reliably protects household appliances from limescale.
Filter MP400

The filter change indicator:

With the BWT AQA monitor, a programmable counting unit, you always have an overview of the filter capacity. This is installed below the sink and is connected to the filter via a flow sensor. The filter capacity is set on the counting unit in relation to the water hardness and the running time. The current filter capacity can be read on the monitor and an acoustic signal sounds as soon as the filter has to be changed.

  • No signal: filter capacity is sufficient
  • Signal 1 x: Filter capacity will soon be exhausted
  • Signal 2 x: filter is exhausted and must be replaced

One tap - two water options

The high-quality tap from GROHE is not only a visual highlight in every kitchen. There are also a lot of technical highlights inside: thanks to the separate water channels, you can decide whether you want to drink still magnesium mineralized water for drinking or whether you need unfiltered tap water - e.g. for washing dishes.

  • Left twist grip: filtered water
  • Right lever: normal tap water

How does a BWT water filter for the kitchen work?

The heart of the AQA drink Pure systems is the magnesium filter, which converts normal tap water into mineralized drinking water. This is installed directly under the sink and connected to the water pipe and the programmable filter change indicator.

The filter for more magnesium -
more taste - more power

The AQA drink filter cartridge is equipped with the inno­v­a­tive BWT magne­sium tech­nology and converts your tap water into magne­sium miner­al­ized water in five filtra­tion stages. Odour and taste-​disturbing substances such as chlo­rine and heavy metals such as copper, lead or nickel are reduced and the water is enriched with the valu­able mineral magne­sium. Not just pure plea­sure. Magne­sium, as a flavour carrier, also brings out the aromas of drinks and dishes and addi­tional limescale protec­tion reli­ably protects house­hold appli­ances from limescale

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