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Best Water Quality

Professional water treatment is guaranteed wherever BWT is involved - in building technology, hospitals, trade and industry and the supply of water to communities and cities.

Commercial & Industry

Commercial & Industry

The highest standards of hygiene safety in drinking and industrial water systems and in purified water for industrial processes

Owing to its compo­si­tion and quality, water that comes straight from the tap can rarely be used for commer­cial oper­a­tions, health­care, the public sector or building tech­nology, and the quality stan­dards required for the water supplied vary depending on the industry. BWT’s aim is to deliver the best water quality for every appli­ca­tion.
Our research and devel­op­ment centres all over the world are there­fore working on devel­oping inno­v­a­tive tech­nolo­gies and processes for treating drinking and boiler water, water for cooling and air-conditioning, heating water as well as puri­fied and process water.

Industry Solutions

BWT will advise you, throughout the project from your first consultative meeting through to commis­sioning and main­te­nance of your water treat­ment plant, based on your specific needs. All our processes are carried out with maximum effi­ciency and imple­ment all the legal, tech­nical and commer­cial safe­guards.


BWT offers specific solu­tions for a wide variety of indus­tries, ably taking into account the existing water quality and the needs the water ulti­mately has to satisfy. BWT water solu­tions can be found in almost every sector of industry and commerce including:

  • The real estate sector, incl. housing asso­ci­a­tions
  • The hotel, food and beverage industry
  • Auto­mo­tive
  • Avia­tion industry
  • The elec­tronics industry
  • The chem­ical and oil indus­tries
  • The steel and elec­trical industry
  • The manu­fac­ture of paper and glass
  • The health care sector (e.g. hospi­tals, ther­a­peutic spa facil­ties, care homes)
  • local commu­nity infra­struc­ture (e.g. local drinking water supply, public swim ming pools, hospi­tals, hotels, office blocks or schools)

Drinking Water

Water and its compo­si­tion vary according to the region, the settle­ment and the geolog­ical nature of the terrain. Some regions have pure water, others have water rich in calcium or iron, and in some places the water is cont­a­m­i­nated with pollu­tants. Climate change and a growing popu­la­tion mean that, in many parts of the world, the local water is not even safe to drink without being treated first, which makes it a top priority to adopt a respon­sible approach to this increas­ingly precious resource.

Girl drinking water
Girl drinking water
BWT is dedi­cated to the purifi­ca­tion of this precious consum­able, water, for which it has devel­oped pioneering tech­nolo­gies and processes, whether for treating well or spring water, supplying drinking water in cities and commu­ni­ties or for construc­tion tech­nology. Various methods are used to filter parti­cles and calcium from the water to protect the pipe systems against the build-​up of deposits and calcium. A compre­hen­sive hygiene manage­ment system has been designed to prevent and elim­i­nate Legionella and other bacteria.


Silky-​soft Luxury Water for all

Specif­i­cally to meet the growing demand for water in large resi­den­tial complexes, BWT has devel­oped Luxury Water systems for turning hard, calcareous water into soft water with a low calcium content. Water that is too hard leaves unsightly deposits on fittings, tiles and glass, and can also lead to a build-​up of limescale in the pipework or equip­ment and ulti­mately to costly repairs.

BWT’s Luxury Water systems are also guar­an­teed to operate hygien­i­cally, effi­ciently and econom­i­cally with a minimal use of resources, so that all those living in resi­den­tial blocks can enjoy the bene­fits of silky-​soft BWT Luxury Water.

Boiler Water

Providing the right water for the safe and reli­able oper­a­tion of boilers require a high level of exper­tise and first class prod­ucts. When plan­ning treatment plants for steam and hot water boilers with flow temperatures of over 100 °C specific guide­lines and legal stip­u­la­tions must be observed. It is a false economy for plant oper­a­tors to try and save money on a cheap or poorly spec­i­fied water trea­tment solu­tion. As heat-​generating deposits and corro­sion can lead to faults, high oper­ating and repair costs, and even to a failure of the system. The right treat­ment of the boiler water guar­an­tees that the entire system will run smoothly and seam­lessly. BWT will not only specify the right prod­ucts but can also provide an optimal set of oper­ating proce­dures. These, of course, include adher­ence to all the legal require­ments, oper­ating regu­la­tions, the boiler manu­fac­turer’s spec­i­fi­ca­tions, the prop­er­ties of the raw water and all the stan­dards applic­able to water quality.
Multiple boiler
Multiple boiler

Cooling and Air-conditioning Water


Cooling water

Systems with a closed cooling water circuit often contain plastic pipes, in which case a single filling with softened or demineralised water is sufficient.

With open re-cooling systems however, i.e. all systems with cooling towers, water treatment is almost always necessary. Since only pure water evaporates, the concentration of minerals in the circulating water is constantly rising, and excessive salinity results in calcium deposits and corrosion in the cooling tower and water pipes. Algae and dust particles may also block nozzles, valves and cooling channels. BWT’s first-class cooling water treatment contributes to the economical and uninterrupted operation of the cooling tower.

Air-conditioning water

Many modern residential blocks are equipped with humidifiers, and the health and wellbeing of the residents may be significantly impaired if the air humidification is insufficient or ineffective. Hygiene considerations play an especially key role in the planning and operation of humidifiers.

Various methods are used to humidify the air and, depending on the system installed, BWT modifies the method of treatment for the humidification water. Reverse osmosis systems, for example, are often used to desalinate drinking water, and this process can be supplemented with disinfection systems. The use of demineralised water can reduce the formation of biological or calcium deposits.

Heating Water

A heating system consists of many individual components: boilers, buffer tanks, pumps, control valves, etc., and the various parts must work together seamlessly to ensure efficient, reliable operation. A decisive factor in the efficiency of a heating system is correct treatment of the heating water that comes into contact with most of the components.

Floor heating system being installed
Floor heating system being installed
Many manu­fac­turers of heating system compo­nents are now also stip­u­lating in their warranty condi­tions and oper­ating instruc­tions that users comply with the legal stan­dards and regu­la­tions that regu­late the precise quality of the heating water.

Oper­a­tional safety with the correct water

Specific substances in the water can cause prob­lems in the heating system. Deposits like limescale may, for example, affect heat distri­b­u­tion, and a coating just 1 mm thick increases the energy require­ment by 10%. In addi­tion, an incor­rect pH value, an exces­sive injec­tion of oxygen or organic cont­a­m­i­na­tion may result in corro­sion and blockage of indi­vidual compo­nents in the heater. Only correctly treated heating water will there­fore guar­antee energy-​efficient oper­a­tion of the heating system and protect it against damage.

Natural heating water with no chem­ical addi­tives

Designers and installers of heating systems should err on the side of caution and rely on the natural heating water of BWT, which is free of chem­ical addi­tives. Low-​salt, calcium-​free water reduces substances in the water that cause deposits and, with the correct mineral level, the pH value regu­lates itself natu­rally after several weeks*.

BWT there­fore supplies safe heating water that complies with the rele­vant stan­dards, and our range of filtra­tion, cleaning, flushing, venti­la­tion, de-​gassing and de-​sludging prod­ucts ensures that your heating system oper­ates with maximum effi­ciency.

*Always refer to local regulations and manufacturers instruction as part of your water treatment selection process. Our fully trained staff are often local water experts and will be happy to help

Process Water

Water is used for numerous processes in the tech­nology sector, and the choice of treat­ment tech­nology depends on the quality of the water on site. BWT has many years of expe­ri­ence in a wide range of appli­ca­tions: labo­ra­tory and rinsing water, wood-drying systems and the produc­tion of mineral water and also test water, which is used, for example, to carry out stan­dard­ised tests on washing machines.

Water low in minerals is often required, e.g. for rinsing glass­ware, cleaning sensi­tive surfaces, for use in labo­ra­tory rinsing machines and to operate cleaning and disin­fec­tion equip­ment. If the mineral content in the water is too high, limescale deposits will form on crockery and tech­nical appli­ances.

CNC machine coolant
CNC machine coolant

Purified Water

Technically pure water, i.e. purified water, is indispensable for the pharmaceutical industry, for laboratories and for a wide variety of industrial production processes. Unlike drinking water, purified water is totally free of additives, including minerals, calcium and other impurities.

Puri­fied water is not suit­able to drink, but is a key compo­nent in the produc­tion process for medi­cines, micro­elec­tronics, glass and bever­ages. Puri­fied water of consis­tently high quality is used for cleaning and rinsing, partic­u­larly in labo­ra­to­ries, and also as a solvent and carrier medium. BWT supplies the right treat­ment solu­tion for every require­ment of BWT Puri­fied Water, depending on the specific appli­ca­tion.

Purified water being filled in vials
Purified water being filled in vials

Sea Water Treatment

Only a tiny percentage of the world’s water reserves, just under 1%, can be used as drinking water for humans, and this is further complicated in some regions by an inadequate, or total lack of, access to a supply of clean drinking water. BWT has developed seawater desalination processes that turn salt water into precious drinking water.

An inde­pen­dent, secure water supply is essen­tial, even for compa­nies in regions with a poor infra­struc­ture. Sea water is playing an increas­ingly impor­tant role in tourism, for example, because only a fully-functioning, reli­able water supply will ensure that guests can enjoy a relaxing holiday, with access to clean drinking water and silky-soft Luxury Water in the pool and spa.


Effi­cient BWT sea water desali­na­tion for perfect drinking water

BWT has many years’ expe­ri­ence in sea water desali­na­tion. Not only do we guar­antee low oper­ating costs, but we can also reduce energy consump­tion using inte­grated energy-​recovery systems.

Our objec­tives are to produce drinking water of the highest quality, to use our increas­ingly scarce water resources in a sustain­able way and to make a real contri­bu­tion to the protec­tion of our envi­ron­ment.

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