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Filtra­ti­on Process

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Filtration means the removal of undissolved substances in the water. Filtration is
usually the first step in the series of water treatment for viticulture.

In the winery, the filter is installed where the supply line enters the building. The filter can be used as an individual fitting or as part of a domestic water distribution system. In viticulture, the filter is installed in front of machines and devices that have to be protected from undissolved substances such as rust, sand, limescale, etc.

The main component of limescale is calcium, which is one of the most abundant elements on the planet, essential for organisms and almost ubiquitous in rock. Due to its chemical properties, it easily detaches from its main source and dissolves in the water that passes through the rocks, resulting in limescale in the water.

Die verschiedenen Anwendungsbereiche unserer Filter PERMAQ® im Online-Betrieb

This is how substances come out of water

The carbon dioxide does the work, precipitation water constantly absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere.

The carbonic acid in the rain attacks the lime that is usually bound as calcium carbonate in the rock or in the soil and dissolves the calcium.

Hard water causes:

clogged lines = high costs
gray tracks
Limescale problems = hygiene problems

The classic lime solution for viticulture is the softener. The softening is based on a
simple exchange of salts, called ions. The hardness-causing magnesium and
calcium ions are replaced by other ions.

The hard, calcareous water flows through a food-grade exchanger material. In the ion exchange process, the lime is removed from the water and bound to the exchange material. The 0° dH water obtained in this way is mixed with hard water to the desired water hardness. If the capacity of the exchanger material is exhausted, it is reactivated with a small amount of salt solution and then rinsed.



Effective for inactivating microorganisms. A UV disinfection system ensures that the water is microbiologically safe. The system removes 99.99% of the pathogenic germs found in the water without impairing the water quality (taste, smell, colour).

For the Benefit

Optimised drinking water sits at the heart of BWT helping people with the best water for their everyday lifestyle. The safety
standards, which are strictly monitored by the legislature, guarantee safety. However, a lack of hygiene when handling water in your own four walls, in hotels and public buildings can impact your well-being. With water treatment from BWT, you can rely on the right quality and hygiene of the water.

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