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BWT high Purity S System


Smaller Volume applications - Up to 5 Litres a day

The High Purity S System features at it heart a Bestdemin XL, a hygienic technologically advanced cartridge system that produces demineralized water in smaller volumes making it idea for smaller dental practices and particularly suitable for table autoclaves where water consumption is low.   The High Purity S System is a perfect alternative to demineralized water in bottles, delivering high quality demineralized water <0.5 μS / cm. This high quality and low conductivity water straight from the systems own tap protects; autoclaves, other equipment and instruments with water without the need to buy or store purified water in bottles. The compact system offers very low operating costs, requires minimal servicing and will deliver up to 240litres of demineralized water before the cartridge needs to be changed . And when it does, the unique BWT filter head, automatically shuts off the water to make replacement, easy, simple and hygienic.

Benefits and features

The demineralization filter provides high purity water with a very low conductivity, which ensures water of a consistent quality that is safe to use with a range of autoclaves and other dental equipment. Protecting them from salt deposits and scaling
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BWT bestdemin Plus xl with besthead flex

Benefits of BWT water in the dental clinic

BWT’s specialist dental solutions are able to supply water that meets or exceeds the water quality requirements of the vast majority of well known autoclaves.

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