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As Europe's No. 1 in water treatment, we believe that a pool is only as good as its water.

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Over the years pools have developed in leaps and bounds. Modern technology has played a huge part in this development advancing pool design, through the use of new materials and practicality through advanced chlorination and filtration systems. The allure of a pool has only heightened in recent years because clean water has become easily accessible, indoors or outdoors. Whether it’s the summer or winter, pools have become a lifestyle choice for many and continue to be in high demand throughout the year.

Clean, Accessible Pool Water

A pool is only as good as its water! Ensuring a pool stays clean is essential for every home or business that has one. Whether it’s for your friends and family or customers, providing the very best pool water, hygiene and maintenance ensures your pool is safe to enjoy and lasts for longer.

The benefits of BWT water can be experienced all around the home. BWT’s expertise in providing the very best home water solutions is recognised by thousands of households around the globe. Now this expertise extends to your pool, with a range of products designed to keep your pool clean and hygienically safe. That means more time to relax, cool off and enjoy your pool, and less time and money keeping it in peak swimming condition.

What makes Pools so enticing?

From a quick dip, a lazy afternoon a float or the first swim of the day, a pool can energise you, help you relax, give you time to yourself or to spend with others. It can be a place to exercise or to chill out a luxury for some and a sanctuary for others. A modern clean and healthy pool can be the new hub of your home or a welcome addition to your business.

Your way to the dream pool

How BWT can improve the water in your pool

Pool solutions

With an extensive product range, high-quality materials and unique expertise in the field of water treatment, BWT has developed a range of exclusive pool solutions, whether your pool is indoors or outside.

For a clean pool

BWT pool robots make regular maintenance of your pool much easier. These little helpers ensure optimal cleaning, helping to keep the pool surfaces clean and the water crystal clear BWT’s Robot Pool Cleaners are ideal for pools of all shapes and sizes, including pools constructed using a liner, tiles or polyester. To find out which robot pool works for you, check out our range of BWT models below. If you’re a fan of advanced technology, BWT even gives you the choice of a model that can be controlled via a dedicated app so you can control and easily monitor your Pool Robot in use.

Vari­ants Ideal for all types of swim­ming pools:

  • D-Line D100, D200 & D300 
BWT Poolroboter D300 Video BWT Poolroboter D300 Video
Infinity Pool Hotel
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