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BWT high Purity L System


Higher Volume applications - Up to 80 Litres a day

The High Purity L System combines the BWT bestaqua ROC 14 reverse osmosis and BWT bestdemin PLUS demineralization cartridge system, to offer an all-in-one solution. Easily installed in a cupboard conveniently situated near an incoming water supply, drain and mains plug socket. This BWT bestaqua 14 ROC combination - Offers the performance to satisfy the needs of all the dental clinic's autoclaves dental units and auxiliary washers and disinfection units.

The High Purity L System is for many dental practices a perfect solution supplying demineralized water to the practice’s autoclaves and bottled water systems. The high-capacity system is easy to use, simple in design and hygienic in use.

Benefits and features

The combination of a reverse osmosis and demineralization filter provides high purity water with low conductivity, which ensures a consistent performance and reduced maintenance of autoclaves and dental units. While the Smartphone app provides an overview and the option of setting flow, temperature and operation
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BWT bestdemin Plus xl with besthead flex
Vand til autoklaver
Vand til autoklaver

Benefits of BWT water in the dental clinic

BWT’s specialist dental solutions are able to supply water that meets or exceeds the water quality requirements of the vast majority of well known autoclaves.

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