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bestaqua 14 roc coffee bestaqua 14 roc coffee

Reverse Osmosis Water

Water Optimization

Is RO worth it?

Coffee experts across the industry agree that to get the best tasting coffee, the water quality needs to be perfect. Tap water in most cases will simply not suffice. To create ‘text­book’ water, many coffee profes­sionals rely on one inno­v­a­tive inven­tion: Reverse Osmosis (RO).

BWT water+more have worked hard to develop and inte­grate the latest reverse osmosis technology into their range of appli­ances designed and built for this demanding market place making them more compact, more powerful and more effi­cient.

BWT bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee (Reverse Osmosis Compact), sets completely new stan­dards for opti­mising drinking water for the produc­tion of coffee, coffee specialties and other hot drinks. Making it easier, inex­pen­sive and safe to refine any locally avail­able drinking water into the right water for the prepa­ra­tion of coffee.

The clever combi­na­tion of reverse osmosis and BWT magne­sium tech­nology sets this new gener­a­tion of appli­ances in a league of their own. BWT bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee utilises this advance tech­nology to remove any unde­sired substances from the water whilst at the same time achieving a balanced miner­al­i­sa­tion, with the addi­tion of magne­sium as the flavour carrier. It is only with this combi­na­tion two impor­tant goals be achieved: the perfect protec­tion of coffee machines from limescale and gypsum. And a perfect brewing process that enables you to get the best out of your beans and to skillfully improve the flavour of the brown gold.

The BWT bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee is one of the most compact RO systems for the opti­mi­sa­tion of water for coffee prepa­ra­tion. All the modules are inte­grated into a single casing which has been care­fully devel­oped, designed, manu­fac­tured and opti­mised to deliver uncom­pro­mising results. BWT bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee systems were conceived to exist success­fully in the tough working condi­tions of the food service sector and to reli­ably operate with minimal main­te­nance. The integrated system satis­fies the desire for a stan­dardised opti­mi­sa­tion of water that provides reli­able results in coffee produc­tion throughout the world.

What is the Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Innovation for perfect water

Reverse Osmosis is a process in which regular tap water passes through a system that removes impu­ri­ties; the result is 99.99% pure H2O. So how does it work? The RO water purifi­ca­tion system is more than a simple water filtra­tion process. A powerful pump pushes tap water through a semi­per­me­able membrane. Water mole­cules can pass through the membrane but accom­pa­nying substances cannot. Including where they exist: limescale, partic­u­lates, chem­i­cals, chlo­rine, chlo­rides, gypsum etc. The result is excep­tion­ally pure water, free from microplas­tics.
bestaqua 14 roc coffee
bestaqua 14 roc coffee

Benefits of RO

How exactly would a coffee expert benefit from RO?

Reverse Osmosis is a trusted and frequently used process amongst the coffee industry to achieve a good quality base water from which to start the brew. Whilst it would be unusal and not recom­mended to use 100% pure RO water in any catering appli­ca­tion, removing unwanted substances is a good start. So, how exactly would a profes­sional within the world of coffee and catering benefit from RO? Here are some direct bene­fits.

1) For coffee experts, optimum water allows the taste of the bean and roast to come to the front of the brew: taste is key for coffee makers as it is their USP. The right water enhances the flavour of even an average cup of coffee. High quality beans with clever roasting can create great flavours but optimum water quality elevates flavours to another level! Compe­ti­tion in the coffee industry is stiff, so it makes sense for busi­nesses to invest in a system to create the best water for their coffee.

2) No more unwanted elements: many people do not think twice about drinking water from the tap and in the UK we can expect a water supply that is safe to drink. However, even accept­able levels of chem­i­cals in the water can some­times affect the taste and smell of the water and the drinks we prepare with it. The RO process is a reli­able way to remove unwanted chem­i­cals, partic­u­lates and of course the ubiq­ui­tous microplas­tics. So, if you live in an area where your water has more chem­i­cals than you are happy with, investing in an RO system could be a wise choice.

3) The energy require­ment of most Reverse Osmosis equip­ment is rela­tively low when compared to some other water purifi­ca­tion systems. Puri­fied, rebal­anced RO water can feed directly into impor­tant equip­ment, without using any extra energy. An effi­cient instal­la­tion will see by-​product water re-​directed for other uses so sites do not see any increase in their elec­tricity or water bills.

4) Chemical-​free oper­a­tion makes RO more envi­ron­men­tally friendly than many water treat­ment solu­tions as it requires zero chem­i­cals and reduces the need for deter­gents With an effi­cient, high quality RO system, you can expect 99.99% pure water directly from your selected tap.

bestaqua 14 roc coffee
bestaqua 14 roc coffee

What about the nutrients in water?

The pros can far outweigh the cons when it comes to Reverse Osmosis.

One of the most common myths surrounding RO systems is that people are losing valu­able and essen­tial nutri­ents contained in normal tap water. Whilst it is true, some UK tap water does contain nutri­ents, the quan­ti­ties are low and a normal balanced diet will see these substances easily replaced. As such, the pros can far outweigh the cons when it comes to Reverse Osmosis.

BWT’s bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee (Reverse Osmosis Compact) uses the RO process as part of its unique oper­a­tion to create ‘text­book’ water for coffee. Not only does the ROC unit remove unwanted substances but it also places magne­sium back into the water.

Only with BWT can you get the clever combi­na­tion of Reverse Osmosis and BWT’s magne­sium enhancing tech­nology. This unique combi­na­tion allows you to remove unde­sir­able substances whilst at the same time achieving a balanced miner­al­i­sa­tion of the water. A perfect recipe, some would say, that helps protect coffee machines and skil­fully improves the taste and flavour of your coffee!

BWT’s bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee is one of the most compact RO systems for the opti­mi­sa­tion of water for coffee prepa­ra­tion. Using a unique BWT membrane the units consists of only 5 modules fitted into a single casing. Designed and care­fully manu­fac­tured to the highest inter­na­tional spec­i­fi­ca­tions in BWT’s Austrian factory, the unit offers true inno­va­tion.

The bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee systems are robust and durable. Day to day oper­a­tion is bluetooth-​​linked to your smart phone via the BWT RO Systems App. This App gives access to data and controls for tech­ni­cians and baristas and it sits comfort­ably in any coffee industry envi­ron­ment. A bestaqua Roc 14 Coffee requires very little space and oper­ates reli­ably with minimal main­te­nance!

Reverse Osmosis can create 99.9% pure water. The inno­v­a­tive new bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee combines this with BWT exper­tise and the coffee profes­sionals own skills to create a specific water ‘recipe’. The right water allows the full essence of each coffee to come through while brewing. More­over, of course, no microplas­tics!

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