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BWT offers access to one of the most comprehensive ranges of water filters in Europe
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Water Filters

Suits the needs

A physical barrier designed to remove undesirable elements from water

Filtra­tion is one of the most widely used methods of water treat­ment, it is the process of removing turbidity from the water. Water filters provide a phys­ical barrier to remove unde­sir­able elements from your water supply such as partic­u­lates, bad taste, odours and even specific trace elements. While a single filter will work in some situ­a­tions, it is often neces­sary to use a combi­na­tion of single, multiple and specialist filters to satisfy the needs of indi­vidual projects. The modular nature of BWT filtra­tion prod­ucts means that they can be tailored to provide an effec­tive solu­tion for both simple and more complex filtra­tion issues.

The sizing of a water filter will depend on a number of factors and include, but are not limited to:

  • Volumes of water to be treated
  • Turbidity
  • Suspended Solids
  • Flow Rates Required
  • Temper­a­ture

Typical Applications

  • Drinking water supplies
  • Borehole and spring water supplies
  • Rain water reclamation
  • Pre-treatment & protection of plant
  • Food processing plants
  • Beverage processing


  • Offices
  • Hotels and restau­rants
  • Horti­cul­tural and agri­cul­tural
  • Sports and leisure facil­i­ties
  • Manu­fac­turing
  • Food processing
  • Health­care
  • Educa­tion
  • Labo­ra­to­ries

Technology driven filtration

Mixture of tradi­tional & modern mate­rials

BWT’s compre­hen­sive range of water filtra­tion prod­ucts use a mixture of tradi­tional and modern mate­rials, state of the art tech­nology and many years of expe­ri­ence to provide filtra­tion solu­tions suit­able for a wide range of appli­ca­tions, including the protec­tion of plant and equip­ment, process water and the overall improve­ment of drinking water quality.

Correctly spec­i­fied by our tech­nical sales team, BWT filtra­tion solu­tions can also be used to protect and increase the effec­tive­ness and effi­ciency of other water treat­ment prod­ucts, including water soft­eners, reverse osmosis and ultra-​violet systems.

water filters
water filters

Stainless Steel Filter Housings

Designed to work with a range of replacement filters at water temperatures up to 121°C, and are suitable for a wide range of commercial applications including primary and secondary filtration. Manufactured from austenitic 316 stainless steel these filters are extremely duarable. Capable of handling flow rates of up to 90 m3/h they are ideally suited to heavy commercial and industrial applications. With clean and dirty water drain points they are also easier and quick to maintain.
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BWT Infinity RF 3/4“ – 2

Manu­ally oper­ated back­wash filter for use with cold water supplies. Suit­able for flow rates up to 11.0m3/h with a filter effec­tive­ness of up to 90 μm. Manu­fac­tured with a brass head and durable trans­parent bowl this filter is ideal for commer­cial instal­la­tions and features a waste water connec­tion in accor­dance with DIN 1998 and back­wash reminder.
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water filters

BWT Infinity RF DN 65 – DN125

Heavy duty indus­trial style manu­ally oper­ated back­wash filter for use with cold water with waste water connec­tion in accor­dance with DIN 1998. Suit­able for flow rates of up to 100m3/h and offers the choice of filtra­tion effec­tive­ness of 100 or 200 μm. This filter is suit­able for hori­zontal instal­la­tion only.
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SoluTECH Clarifer Filters HVAC Service Filtering

SoluTECH Clar­ifer Filters are designed to contin­u­ously elim­i­nate the following: oxides and magneti­s­able parti­cles using a powerful magnetic bar; solid impu­ri­ties, sludge and suspended matter using a felt filtering bag that traps parti­cles bigger than 20 μm. Manu­fac­tured from stain­less steel these filters are extremely duarable. Capable of handling high flow rates of dirty water they are ideally suited to heavy commer­cial and indus­trial.
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Filter Housings

Durable polypropy­lene cold water filter hous­ings for stan­dard and high flow appli­ca­tions, suit­able for use with a wide range of replace­able filter cartridges. Models avail­able for the filtra­tion of drinking and service water with flow rates of up to 2.4m3/h
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Filter Cartridges

Filter cartridges are avail­able in a range of sizes and mate­rials, each filter cartridge should be selected to suit the specific appli­ca­tion and the appro­priate filter housing. A combi­na­tion of filter types and other water treat­ment equip­ment may be neces­sary to achieve any given specific water quality required. Filter cartridges can be used to remove unwanted substances including, but not limited to: sedi­ment, pesti­cides, taste and odours as well as organic chem­i­cals.
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