Table water filter

The upgrade for your tap water

The BWT table water filter jugs ensure you always have your favourite water to hand and protects the environment by treating local tap water.
Tischwasserfilter eingiessen Tischwasserfilter eingiessen

Table water filter

Table water filter

The handy water treat­ment solu­tion

The best entry into a world of great-tasting water. Choose your size, colour and water filter and enjoy, for example, fresh, filtered, magne­sium miner­al­ized BWT water, bringing more power and taste to your tap water.

The smart way to contribute towards your daily magne­sium intake

Magnesium makes the difference

Daily needs


Magne­sium is an essen­tial mineral for our well-being; however, the body is not capable of producing it natu­rally. The daily require­ment is approx. 300 mg*, but this can be higher in specific situ­a­tions, such as stress. We often find ourselves lacking in this mineral due to our modern lifestyle. That is why it is impor­tant for us to incor­po­rate magne­sium into our food and drink on a daily basis.

*Source: German Nutri­tion Society

Der tägliche Bedarf

Magne­sium - an all-round talent


In addi­tion to supporting our phys­ical and mental capa­bil­i­ties and promoting muscle func­tion­ality, magne­sium is also an essen­tial flavour carrier. BWT has devel­oped a special filtra­tion method that makes good water even better.

Magnesium - ein Allround-Talent

BWT filter technology

Magnesium Mineralized Water filter technology from BWT is the only system of its kind in the world and protects against limescale without any impact on the water's calcium and magnesium content. Now that’s revolutionary! This patented technique involves replacing a portion of the calcium found in tap water with valuable magnesium minerals.

It’s a clever way to contribute towards your daily magnesium requirements while also being a real taste sensation. After all, in addition to supporting our physical and mental capabilities and promoting muscle functionality, magnesium is also an essential flavour carrier. Magnesium Mineralized Water not only tastes great, it also brings out the flavour of tea and coffee in the best possible way.

Tischwasserfilter Kartusche
Tischwasserfilter Kartusche
In addi­tion, magne­sium miner­al­ized water contains less limescale, reli­ably protecting house­hold appli­ances such as kettles and coffee makers from calci­fying. Filtra­tion also reduces odour and substances that lend water an unpleasant taste, such as chlo­rine, heavy metals and organic cont­a­m­i­nants.

How does a water filter work?

The multi-stage filtering process of the Magne­sium Miner­al­ized Water filter cartridge from BWT is a mile­stone in the history of filter devel­op­ment. A fine fabric filter reduces coarse impu­ri­ties and stops parti­cles. The patented ion exchanger absorbs the minerals that cause limescale and heavy metals such as lead and copper and replaces them with magne­sium and hydrogen ions.

This revo­lu­tionary tech­nology effi­ciently protects house­hold appli­ances against limescale deposits because the calcium respon­sible for hard­ening the water is replaced with the valu­able mineral magne­sium.

At the same time, substances that impair odour and taste (such as chlo­rine) are removed. The cartridge offers the best possible limescale protec­tion and adding magne­sium to the filtered water improves the taste and makes it the first choice for connois­seurs and gourmets – also for making coffee and tea.

Jug filtration
jug filtration

Table water filter

Product Overview

BWT Penguin

Upgrade your tap water

Be impressed by BWT Penguin and opti­mize your water at home. BWT's unique tech­nolo­gies will take your tap water to a whole new level:

  • Magne­sium Miner­al­ized Water, Magne­sium Miner­al­ized Water + ZINC, Balanced Alka­lized Water
  • Supe­rior, filtered BWT water unlocks the full flavour of your tea and coffee
  • Protects appli­ances from limescale, reduces chlo­rine and heavy metals
BWT Penguin BWT Penguin

BWT filter cartridges to match your tastes

Turn your tap water into an unpar­al­leled taste sensa­tion 

beWell+15 Lifestyle Drinks

beWell+15 is a range of plant and fruit essences that are partic­u­larly rich in nutri­ents, contain lots of vita­mins and come with an extra shot of power. They not only give your water an indi­vidual taste, but also contribute to your well-​being in a unique way.

Discover our four new essences:

  • Green Hope - with cucumber and mint
  • Herb Happinez - with green tea and ginseng
  • Pink Posi­tive - with grape­fruit and moringa
  • Body­guard - with lime and ginger
beWell_Woman_drinking_1280x1280 beWell_Woman_drinking

Frequently asked questions about table water filters

Where can I buy filter cartridges?

You can buy filter cartridges in retail stores or order them easily and conveniently in our online shop.

How many litres of water can I filter with a filter cartridge?

The service life of the filter cartridge varies depending on where it is used, as the water is not the same everywhere. The capacity of the filter cartridge depends on the hardness of the water. The harder the water, the earlier the filter cartridge is exhausted.


Soft Filtered Water  120 L bei KH* = 12 - 14 °dH
Soft Filtered Water EXTRA 120 L bei KH* = 15 - 18 °dH

Magnesium Mineralized Water,
Magnesium Mineralized Water + Zinc

120 L bei TH* = 15 - 18 °dH
Balanced Alkalized Water 120 L

*KH = Carbonate Hardness, TH = Total Hardness


The specified substances, e.g. lead and copper, which are reduced by the filter, are not present in all drinking water. The filter cartridges fulfil the microbiological requirements for table water filters according to DIN 10521. The requirements for chlorine, lead and copper retention according to DIN 10521 are also fulfilled. .

How does the elec­tronic change indi­cator "Easy-​Control" work?

Model A

The Easy-Control precisely counts the number of fillings and the service life and reminds you to change the filter cartridge by flashing the display. Please note that the Easy-Control indicates the number of fillings (the volume of the funnel varies depending on the BWT table water filter system) and not how many litres of water have been filtered. However, the filter cartridge should be changed after four weeks at the latest, even if the capacity of the filter cartridge - i.e. the number of fillings - has not yet been reached. The Easy Control display will flash to indicate this.

Model B

The Easy-Control"" counts the time of use (28 days) and reminds you to change the filter cartridge by flashing the display. Commissioning After the table water filter has been put into operation for the first time, the change indicator flashes. Press and hold the push button for three seconds. The display then automatically sets itself to 100% and the ""Easy-Control"" is now ready for use. Counting function After the first seven days of use, the first bar on the display goes out - that is, 75% of the service life is left. After another 14 days, the second bar goes out - half of the power has been used. If the third bar disappears after 21 days, there is still 25% power left. Changing the filter cartridge: The maximum service life is reached after 28 days. The display starts flashing. Now it is necessary to change the filter cartridge. After inserting the new filter cartridge, press the push button for 3 seconds. The counter then automatically sets itself to 100%."

What is magne­sium?

Magnesium is an essential mineral for humans that cannot be produced by the body itself. The daily requirement is approx. 300 mg (according to the German Nutrition Society), but can be even higher in special situations such as stress. Magnesium not only supports our physical and mental performance and supplies our muscles, it is also an important taste carrier. With BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water you can support your personal magnesium balance.

What do I have to consider before using my table water filter for the first time and when changing the filter cartridge?

Before first use or after replacing the filter cartridge, you should clean the pot, funnel and lid of the BWT table water filter system with detergent and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Do not use a scouring agent or a scrubbing sponge as this may leave scratches on the BWT table water filter. Jug and funnel are dishwasher safe. The lid must not be washed in the dishwasher.

In order to achieve the best possible filter performance, we recommend placing the new filter cartridge in tap water for five minutes and then pouring this water away. Table water filter FAQ Then insert the new filter cartridge with slight pressure into the funnel of the table water filter system.

If the table water filter is equipped with the Easy-Fill"" automatic filling system in the lid, the lid does not need to be removed during filling. The ""Easy-Fill"" system opens automatically when the water jet hits the opening and closes automatically after filling. Pour away the first filtered water filling and refill the BWT table water filter system. Initially there may be fine black particles in the water. This is completely harmless activated carbon that is flushed out of the filter. In this case we recommend refilling until the water is clear and free of particles. The BWT table water filter system is now ready for use

How long can I use the filter cartridges?

In order to achieve an optimum filter effect, you should replace the filter cartridge every four weeks at the latest.

However, if the Easy-Control (Model A) shows 100 fillings on the display before the end of the four weeks, the filter cartridge must be changed before the end of the four weeks. This is indicated by a flashing filter cartridge on the display. "

What do I have to consider with my table water filter?

  • Do not expose the jug or filter cartridge to direct sunlight. Do not filter more than eight to ten litres of water per day.
  • Only use cold tap water that meets the legal requirements for drinking water. BWT table water filters are not suitable for treating water of questionable origin into drinking water.
  • For persons with limited immune defence and for the preparation of infant food, we recommend boiling the filtered water additionally.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning agents to clean the filter parts.
  • If use is interrupted for a longer period of time, we recommend that you store the table water filter system together with the filter cartridge in the refrigerator.
  • If there is a break in use of more than two days - for example a weekend - we recommend that you pour away the first filling and refill the table water filter.
  • If your table water filter is not used for more than two weeks, you should replace the filter cartridge. "

How do the BWT filter cartridges work?

In the BWT table water filter system, drinking water is filtered in four stages:

Stage 1: Particles are filtered out of the water.

Stage 2: Depending on which filter cartridge technology you have chosen, the water is treated accordingly:

  • Soft Filtered Water: Lime and heavy metal content are reduced.
  • Soft Filtered Water Extra: Lime and heavy metal content are reduced more.
  • Magnesium Mineralized Water: Lime and heavy metal content are reduced, calcium ions are replaced by magnesium ions.
  • Magnesium Mineralized Water + ZINC: Lime and heavy metal content are reduced, calcium ions are replaced by magnesium ions and zinc is added to the water.
  • Balanced Alkalized Water: The heavy metal content is reduced and the pH value of the water is increased to >8.5.

Stage 3: Odour and taste disturbing substances such as chlorine and certain organic impurities are filtered out of the water.

Stage 4: Fine filtration is carried out.

How does my BWT table water filter contribute to limescale protection in my home?

The worldwide unique BWT patent, which is also used in BWT table water filters, provides effective protection against limescale. For example, if the filtered water is used in hot water appliances such as coffee machines or kettles. Although the water in a table water filter is not softened in the classic sense, it is decarbonised. The total hardness bound to the carbonate hardness (temporary hardness) is replaced by hydrogen, and the pH value in the water is reduced at the same time. With classic softening, the entire hardness (temporary and permanent) would be replaced. The effect is the same: the water is softened, your equipment is protected from annoying limescale deposits.

Where and for how long can I best store the filtered water?

It is best to store the filtered water in your refrigerator. Our models are ideal for most refrigerator doors on the market. The filtered water should not be stored for more than 24 hours. If the water is left in the jug for more than 24 hours, pour the water away and filter fresh water.
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