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The right water treatment saves you money, time and space
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Water solutions for dental clinic, autoclaves and dental units Water solutions for dental clinic, autoclaves and dental units



We offer solutions for the entire clinic, autoclaves and dental units


Technology with real world savings

Whatever your requirements are, the flexibility and compact nature of our systems mean they can be configured to meet your needs. Whether your objective is to save money, time or space choosing the right products can help you achieve those goals simply and cost effectively.

Solutions suitable and available for:

  • Autoclaves
  • Dental units
  • Washer disinfectors
  • Dish washers
  • Ice machines
  • Humidifiers

The Right Product for You—Assured

As part of our service BWT will provide a free consultation and conduct a site survey, allowing us to understand your needs and the suitability of any premises for the installation of any future recommended system. Our specialist team will also be happy to discuss with you purchase and rental options

The Reverse Osmosis Process

Reverse osmosis technology goes beyond the capabilities of conventional filtration and uses highly efficient membrane technology to remove heavy metals, microplastics, bacteria, viruses, hormones, nitrates and limescale. Only pure water molecules pass through the membrane creating 98% pure H2O. Microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and all dissolved substances are removed almost completely..

The Demineralisation Process

Uses a polishing cartridge and ion exchange technology to chemically purify the incoming water to create high-quality, low conductivity water which delivers DIN EN285 <5µs/cm or DN EN13060 <15µs/cm as needed in high performance autoclaves.

Putting you in control.

Our products are designed keep you informed, our Reverse Osmosis systems work alongside our BWT App, enabling you to view details about the operation parameters and the water quality. For added peace of mind and convenience all water through put is monitored and a permanent conductivity meter is supplied with all of the systems shown so you can view the purity of the water delivered by your chosen system in real time.

Environmental Benefits

Having BWT High Purity water on tap eliminates the need for single use plastic bottles, the energy used for cleaning glass bottles and the CO2 associated with their transportation. BWT RO membranes are highly efficient, meaning less ’by-product’ water creating less ‘waste’ water than cheaper products. All the cartridges are fully recyclable. Whilst energy consumption is significantly lower than distillation units and no corrosive and environmentally damaging de-scalers are needed.

Financial Benefits

  • Reduced cost per litre when compared to buying bottled water or traditional distillation methods of production.
  • Releases staff from time, previously spent filling, moving or ordering bottles!
  • Low running costs
  • One service a year required .
Water solutions for dental clinics
Water solutions for dental clinics

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